Heliophage in extreme, is it possible?

i even did it on advanced hardcore once. i’d recommend a cloaking char for reviving (we used an oscar), a marquis for sniping the bosses, a healer (we used kleese, rank 5 heal skilled) and another damage dealer. two oscars can come in handy too.

…Truth. I was able to do it with Pendles but it was a learning lesson.
Both Rendain and the Gunhulk will knock you even if cloaked, Rendain is worse, he has an area of code around him.
Best to lure Rendain a the back top area where Musk spawns from.

Take these characters




Range dps
Oscer mike/ thorn / orendi /marquis


The reasons for these characters is because they are the best at what they can do

is the better tank and is a ranged tank if hes in trouble he can plasma dash away or drop a rotating wards to protect his team (helix mutagen) also he can mow down enemies in turret mode

really good tank but require u to turtle everything and not rush into the fray … His health recovery is insane with the correct helix options making him the best survival tank in game


Is the better healer of the cast but require to be near u to heal and she is kinda fragile so be on a look out for mortars or bombs as they will 1 shot miko alot

is a solid healer she can “set up” choke points with her sunspots so players run into the safe zone she have made and heal up full also her knockback helps vs stalkers or any fast enemies like assassins etc which is helpful but for ambra u need to play very defensive

have a good control with slows and knock ups and she can deal some decent damage also she can off heal use her to bring low players back to full health and allow miko/ambra to focus on the majority of the healing ur job as alani is to slow/knock up dangerous targets or interupt the brutes which summon more enemies

Solid support she offers overshield and got a perma slow on her failsafe she also eats shields like candy with her legendary u can offer more off healing to help ur team but her main core skill is her dome this skill is godly vs enemy fire

Ranged dps
Oscer mike
Can deal alot of damage also he got stealth which helps alot to get downed players back up on there feet he deals high AoE damage too

She is not a sniper but a caster mainly she can deal alot of damage with her blight, arrow volley, ultimate she can also deal with snipers at ranged she is a solid pick when it comes to dealing damage

This character is a monster at dealing high damage her aoe is insane and most likely the highest in game… With her shadowpillar spams she can clean up pretty quickly downside is she does have low hp so stay behide everyone

This character is ok for ranged dps as he does deal high damage but his kit is really good if u like to play the more defensive route… With his slows and speed he can help his team alot

Phoebe is the queen of melee dps her kit allows her to get in and out at will to deal with threats that may come to the team she also have the fastest and highest melee dps in game with the correct helix choices she can also destroy spawners before they can even begin to spawn adds also she is very durable

But a good tip before u play hardcore make sure that u have these legendaries they make ur life much easy

Vigilance link

Symboyotic spores
All for one moral booster

Song of vigor

Ranged dps
Oath of the substained

Melee dps
Oath of the substained

With these legendaries u will have these bonuses for the group

210 health (vigiliance link)
14% healing recieved (spore/booster)
4.2 health regen (song of vigor)
14% damage turned into healing (oath)

The rest of the gear is up to the player decision but with these legendaries they will help alot in hardcore u can also change song of vigor to give miko/alani/thorn a shield with all 4 all shield array which will give them a 90 shield which they can then abuse on shield break gear to gain even more stats

Or just pick any ranged hero you are comfortable with. Make sure you have HP regen, do not hurry, learn where jump pads are located on every island, clear all enemies so that you always have a place to retreat. Gather full team just to do normal Heliofage? I call that an overkill.

Turn off unique characters and get everyone to be Oscar Mike. makes it a walk in the park with all his AOE and invisibility to res fallen players.

…I still need one person to help me with Gold on Helio advanced hardcore, can’t find anyone crazy enough to join me.

[quote=“alekie1990, post:23, topic:1540888, full:true”]With these legendaries u will have these bonuses for the group

210 health (vigiliance link)
14% healing recieved (spore/booster)
4.2 health regen (song of vigor)
14% damage turned into healing (oath)

Half of those bonuses only apply when you are in close proximity to the other people in your group. Vigilance Link and Oath of the Sustained provide their bonuses regardless of range; Symbiotic Spores and Song of Vigor are both restricted to close proximity (basically the range of Miko’s healing beam).

Also, Oath of the Sustained doesn’t give you the lifesteal and it’s not summed up. It’s 2.8% of the damage that each character deals being turned into lifesteal for everyone else (so the player that has it equipped is providing healing for the 4 others). Saying it’s 14% lifesteal is incredibly disingenuous.

Personally, I think Bola’s Target Finder would be one of the best possible options for any large group because, afaik, it stacks with others that use it and increases the damage of everyone by 5.6%. If everyone brings one, you’re talking about increasing total damage dealt by the party by ~31% when they’re focus firing; even if you’re alone, it’s 5.6% to both skill and attack damage, which is very significant.

Also, if you want an easier time on Helio Advanced, don’t do it with 5 people. Doing it with 2-3 people is way more manageable than doing it solo (since you’re gonna die if you get knocked off) or with 4-5 people (which is gonna end up with massive hordes of Brute thralls focus firing you during every single anchor wave). Whenever I do a 2-3 person Helio Adv run, the group generally ends up with 1 death, at most, but quite often no deaths at all (I should probably do it on Hardcore one of these days just to get credit).

u were on steam, right?
I can help, though I might not have as much PvE experience as you, but I did manage to complete this feat before :slight_smile: only thing I’ve really struggled with is General Nix, but if you put him down fast enough his adds won’t overwhelm.

Crit damage is always good, but if you’re having trouble with Rendain, focused volley and skill damage gear can do a lot of damage. And maybe a shield, as she rarely gets hit.

…Yes, 800 hours as of today in advanced PvE.
Same name on Steam with a pic of my drag bike.
(It’s the one Microsoft used to sponsor, Diamond Ice Pearl with a wrinkle black engine)

Advanced Helio Hardcore was the last mission we needed to complete to finish them all. We tried it last night and succeeded.

  1. Kleese (cause he needed the Lore anyways)
  2. Whiskey (cause damage and regen)
  3. Oscar Mike (cause I can cloak and revive without taking any hits)

Kleese ran regen.
Whiskey and I ran Oath of Sustained with other regen. Whiskey was regening around 35hp/s
Kleese and I were around 15hp/s
This does not include the healing done by his chair.

Surprisingly easy with 3. 2 was VERY hard.

It removed the need for a healer. Solid DPS. Emergency revive with the cloak. Shield Recharge. All ranged attackers.

All said and done, it went smooth and we got it with a gold. I would not recommend solo or 2. Nor would I go with 5. 3-4 is the sweet spot. Oscar Mike is clutch with his cloak when you need to revive in the middle of a crapstorm.

…Awesome, congrats.
I’m pretty sure I can do it with just one more person.

Here I was wondering if Extreme was a new difficulty. Oh well.
Any mission is possible on any difficulty, given the right mindset. A long long time ago, I decided to try to unlock Deande solo. I was feeling brave (read: stupid) so I decided to try it on Hardcore while I was at it. I went with Galilea.

My advice for solo Advanced Hardcore Heliophage is:

• Take a shard generator as first item, I personally suggest the Veil Manipulator
• Take the right side path first, and be very cautious around the shard garden, this is one of the hardest parts
• After you clear one side, run past everything on your way to the other side, there’s no reason to needlessly risk dying to multitudes of brutes
• Ignore the timer, it will only make you nervous
• Once you get to the boss, never go on the center platform because gravity is evil
• Use the hidey-hole cave on the Ekkunar side of the arena for a breather when you need it
• When lots of enemies get summoned, don’t stop moving

And above all

Be Patient

I also don’t suggest using a melee character, but to each their own. :wink: