Heliophage matchmaking on normal difficulty

I’m having problems getting the silver medal on that mission because of how the matchmaking works. As far as I know, the Heliophage cannot pop up in the normal matchmaking, that’s why there’s the option to only queue on that specific mission once you’ve unlocked it. The problem with the Heliophage queue is that the matchmaking keeps throwing me into the mission solo, and I cannot get the silver solo. If I wanted to do it solo, I’d obviously go play in private mode. This doesn’t seem to happen on the normal or advanced matchmaking.


I do feel this could be thrown into the normal queue at this point, similar to how advanced works.

For finding a group, you might try checking out the Discord server. It has dedicated channels for each platform (PC/PS4/XBONE) that you might be able to find a group with.

Info on the discord can be found at > Discord Thread

Normal queue worked like this during open beta, but now it keeps you there until there’s another teammate. I suppose that’s the reason they should fix Helio queue too.


It’s been suggested elsewhere that for public queueing, you should never be started into a match with only one player – you can always just do that, so there’s no point. I suspect this will be patched before long.

As things stand, it’s a major bummer when you see that timer start solo and there’s no way to get out until you’ve been through the whole @#)($)@#( intro voiceover for the relevant mission.

I would absolutely rather wait for 10 minutes for a group than have that happen five times.

I keep having the same problem; I’ve almost golded all other normals and am working on the advanced maps, but I don’t ever get a chance to retry the Heliphage unless I coerce my friends to do it.