Heliophage on advanced player scaling

Has anyone tried to beat the heliophage on advanced with 5 players? I tried it twice within the past two days and that ■■■■ is near impossible.

Our team setup was
Galilea for damage and face tanking
Isac mostly for damage
Klesse for shield and health healing and damage
Ambra for healing and damage
Oscar mike for damage and revives

We died the first time on the final varelsi boss and general nix. Nix’s damage output is insane. The second time run we died as soon as rendain spawned minions.

I thought that we were doing something wrong so I looked up videos of other people beating it and oddly enough all the videos I found they were running solo. I saw a lot of Boulder some galilea and even rath and miko videos. The miko gameplay made me realize that this game gets exponentially more difficult with more players.

After watching the miko gameplay I decided to try it out myself. I ended up beating the whole thing on the first try with roughly 11~ extra lives in 50~ minutes.

(For the record I haven’t played any other missions on advanced yet, just wanted to get deande out of the way)

Am I the only on who thinks that the difficulty jumps too much with number of players? What it took a dozen swings to kill with galilea it took a couple kunai with miko.

Heliophage on advanced with 5 people = dark souls
Heliophage on advanced solo = Hello kitty island adventure
Game scales too highly with an increased number of players



I want has play now.

I’ve done it several times on team, Advanced and Hardcore Advanced.
It’s totally nuts, posted before it seems like you’re playing Serious Sam.

I totally agree with what you are saying, 5 person is by far the hardest to do, and it’s not just poor team work.

I have soloed a lot, it has certain moments that are usually tricky for the wrong reasons, but on the whole you are more likely to finish a mission when alone against being in there with 4 buddies.

Saying that though, I have found groups of 2 or 3 to be the best in regards to giving a consistent level of difficulty throughout the campaign. Soloing has some brutal difficulty spikes, and depending on the character it can seem nigh impossible at times.

This is pretty fortunate since 90% of the time you lose at least 1 person to a DC during character selection.


That’s instance. I’m super curious about your team comp and strateg(y/ies) for advanced hardcore.

I’m always the Thorn, we agree at first that Thorn can not revive others, she has to keep moving at all times.
Honestly a quick death for Thorn is trying to help a downed player, and yes that part bugs me.

The other players, you need one support type, Miko of course.
Any of the heavy fighters are good in this, except I died as Ghalt and won’t try it again as him.
Probably wouldn’t try Dragon either, but I might be able to keep him alive.

The number one key is don’t get near an edge, that last battle, everything in there tries to knock you off.
So, be quick, careful and do a lot of damage on the go.

Thanks, might end up trying it again if my group wants to.

Don’t get near an edge, and murderize every last Thrall Brute the moment they spawn from the safest locations possible, right?

Thorn specialty, Curses arrows and Cursed Blight Volleys.

Yessssss. I tried Advanced Heliophage with a group a few times. I quickly realized two things.

  1. Varelsi Scaven do over 1k DPS, but they’re easy enough to stay away from.

  2. Thrall Brutes are bastards that will spawn camp you then laugh at your corpse as you fly in again and again.

Number one isn’t that awfully important, as a lot of things do a ton of damage quickly on Advanced. Number two though, nobody seems to notice until we lose 8+ lives on Nix or Rendain.


They owed me as Ghalt, and yes with the laughs, pure torment.

YES! My playgroup and I have beem trying to 5-man the heliophage on advanced almost every night for the past week. We’ve tried different team compositions, different strategies, but it seems to be impossible. The scaling is just too much

Honestly, I hate to be a debby downer but I would give up. It /MIGHT/ be possible but I don’t think it’s worth the struggle when you can complete it quicker and easier solo or with a small group with just about ANY characters.


Yeah I ended up soloing it tonight with Boldur +3 pieces of gear with health regen. Was a little rough getting to rendain, but after that it was just a slow and steady march to victory >:)

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Just tried it with 5 and we had over 1 million damage output as a team with 680k from me as Isic and we still lost. The last bosses are stupid ammo sponges. With my items and Helen options in sustainable siege mode I do 700+ damage a second to bosses and it seemed to have near no effect on their health.

All of the bosses and even medium sized enemies are bullet sponges lol

No problem with any enemies in the mission but 5-10 minutes of me just perched up on a hill with machine guns, main cannon and missiles on a boss with maby 1/4 of its health to show is garbage.

Seriously? It’s doable solo, but not with other people? Just finished a game with a five player team, and the whoile thing is just annoying. Right off the bat, everything takes FOREVER to kill, you barely have enough time to make it back to the portal (Literately made it with 3 seconds to spare). And the “mini” bosses rendaine spawns are just torture to kill. Got to the 3rd wave with the floating varelsi and the mini-gun thrall (dont know the names, sorry) and my entire team just got wrecked by it. Has ANYONE managed to beat it with a team? I get that its supposed to be harder, but it needs to be toned down a notch cause this s*it is IMPOSSIBLE.

As mentioned before I would try to run it solo or with 3 people max. This game seems to have the most balanced level of difficulty when running with three people.

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Thanks for the advice. Ill try that out.

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