Heliophage - Rendain and Map

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Hey guys. Just have a subject i’d like to address see what you think, and if it could be addressed amongst the many changes you have listed.

It’s about Rendain and his crazy knock back, and I think it should be changed to one like Rath’s Knock UP, with maybe stun or Silence added randomly.

For the purpose of Trophy hunting, this has to be completed on Hardcore. And in Advanced you only have so many lives before it’s game over.

When you start the fight with Rendain if you stay on the middle platform there is a chance his knock back takes a fairly erratic version and you go straight back off the cliff - the whole team and it’s insta-kill and wipe. Long way to go for this to happen. As far as cheap mechanics go this is up there in folklore.

When we tried for the Hardcore Trophy last night we used the jump pad over to left where the steps go up and you have the wall and stuff to prevent you being knocked back and off. However, he still managed to knock me off the map and I ended up UNDER it. I had to jump to my death and luckily I was put back up top to be revived - which hasn’t happened in other maps.
(Me under map stood on ‘something’ after being knocked back through the map - will add picture of area later)

If I was doing this solo I’d just quit playing. Thankfully my team mate was able to help.

So not sure what you think, or how easy it would be to FIX this, but Rendain seriously needs his knock back changed to a KNOCK UP.

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Knock back is crazy annoying on that map, and it’snot just rendain. The other bosses do it too. My suggestion: hug the outside platforms (I like the stairs) as much as possible with your back to a wall. You’ll be blocked from flying off


@jjand302 - Did you read the post? It’s not about people advising on tactics here. I realise that’s what most people do in this forum - it’s about changing Rendain’s knock back.

If others agree it needs changing i’d like to hear. If people are happy with being knocked off the map or insta-killed that’s fine.

I read it but didn’t realize the ultimate point was whether or not his knock back should be changed. I thought was just one part of it. Any way, I think the largest problem with that is that the rest of the bosses in the level do the same.

Alternatively, I think a better solution would be to teleport you back to center of the map and take damage for having fallen off. That’s what happens to bosses if you knock them off.

Just have someone go as Deande and juggle him :slight_smile:

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I agree with you completely the knockback needs to change because even if you hug the staircase you cannot stay there long…

Staying on the staircase would be viable if Rendain wss the only opponent but when you are swarmed with thralls its almost impossible to defeat Rendain…

Me personally I have never defeated Rendain on advanced difficulty because of this…

Rendians knockback and the thrall spawns in that boss fight definitely needs to be nerfed

I can understand why GBX would think his knock back is “challenging”, but it isn’t. It’s frustrating and annoying and it isn’t fun at all. It also appears to be one of the many requested things to be changed, but whether or not it will happen is another thing. It’s so cheap.

That being said, like others have said, the best tactic is to get the hell off the island. :slight_smile: It sucks that you were put off the map, though.

What really bothers me is that it’s only “challenging” for melee characters who have to constantly get in his face if they want to do anything. It’s the same thing with ISIC in his final form: you basically have to be ranged to kill him in any reasonable period of time or without banging your head against the wall.

Because the knockback effects are PbAoEs, they do absolutely nothing to ranged characters; you can just sit back out of range of them and take pot shots without any problem. It’s basically a giant “eff you!” to melee.

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I agree that Rendain’s 1-touch knockoff kills are cheesy as hell, but I strongly doubt GBX will change him.

The purple lightning explosions that 1HK anyone with under 2000+ HP are pretty annoying too. I think it’s the Thrall Foreman who uses those, not sure.

We both were for that purpose, I played Thorn. But he teleported next to us, stunned and then I was just sent flying off/under the map. We’d both done melee challenges against him previously with Rath and Attikus, and I would never play melee in that mission anyway, but he still has that ability to get you. And I did have cover behind me so obviously the way they have constructed the map environment using the old Unreal 3 engine allows you to be knocked through what would seem to be solid areas.

I agree that his ability should be converted from a knock back to a knock up.

I would say give it a set time in which he can use the attack. Maybe after the anchors hit or some other key point in the fight. A knock up would also help it not be as much of a pain. As I have done this fight as Thorn, Attikus, Ambra and Deande . Thorn for HC and the rest used on Advanced. Still back to the point. If it was a knock up and not a knock back I feel it would at least keep him from getting cheap kills that way and stlll keep the attack a Hard CC. As far as the thrall spawning on the anchors I don’t feel like they need a nerf and that is because I myself have never had issues with them in the fight at all. Worst parts of the fight for me and a mate of mine was the first fight with Rendain, Warlord Nix, and to a small extent Foreman Grall. Not sure if that helps but that is my opinion on the matter.