Heliophage Tips

So I’m having trouble with heliophage solo. I can’t seem to get everything done before the timer runs out. Any tips people could give me?

One thing I noticed is that the beam that shoots the shards from the ship seems to disappear when I back up. Is this because it’s only doing damage when I’m close? Is it because it just doesn’t render visually from a distance? Maybe this is why each shard is taking so long. Anyway any tips would be much appreciated.

Note that I have my heart set on completing this solo so not looking for “just get a team to help”

Don’t engage enemies in areas you dont have to clear to move on. Just run right past them. Doing this I finished normal with 6 minutes left on timer and advanced with 2 seconds left on timer. Both times with Boldur.


I second this notion. Once you destroy the first crystal you can run all the way to the second one. Without killing the minions

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Ok this is a good tip. On that note though, I’ve noticed there are certain doors that don’t open right away. Are these opened by killing specific enemy’s? Are they just opened after a certain wait time. I find I loose the most time dicking around fighting enemies while I wait for these doors.

The first doors you have to kill everyone. It’s only after you destroy the first crystal that you can run past everyone else

So it takes about 10 min or so to fight to and destroy the first crystal on advanced then you run past the second guys and average 6-8 mins destroying that one should leave enough time to get to the boss fight

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Who are you trying it with?

I managed to get it done with Boldur, the shards were tricky but like people have said you don’t have to kill everything after a certain point so just run past them. Boldur is pretty weak low level and there is not enough time to kill everything.

I’d personally recommend not using a melee based character as the boss fight is a pain as you need to be close to him and you just get bounced around all over the place, and since you are on a relatively small floating platform this inevitably leads to death by falling. I started the fight with 10 lives, lost 8 in the process, mostly from being bounced off the stage although one was due to having to kill an add on a ledge before I was consumed by an expanding sphere of purple doom with a ranged attack that has a 10 second cool down.

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To avoid being launched off map climb up the little mountain in the snow area. Rendain will follow you up there not going to say it won’t happen just happens a lot less


I’ve been playing as Caldarius. I actually finally made it to the boss. It’s such a challenging boss. There’s just so many minions shooting you. Plus, as mentioned, there’s always that chance of being knocked off the edge. Which is how I inevitablly lost. Being able to fly definitely helps.

Now I just find at the end when Rendain hits you with that swirl that disables your abilities and also cages you in place I take way to much damage to recover from. I bolt away right after to get my shields back but my health is just to low.

I think they’ve just made a challenging final level. At least for me it is. On the plus side it’s far better then it being to easy and anti-climactic.

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I love how difficult it is because it is the final level. I feel more accomplished when I do actually beat it

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Yeah that’s a good point. Once I finally do beat it it’s going to feel awesome!


I disagree, it’s not challenging it’s just unfair. Losing due to being overwhelmed by an aggressive enemy, or poor positioning or whatever…yeah fair enough the games tough. Dying due to poorly implemented gaming mechanics over and over again is just frustrating and after I finished I didn’t feel accomplishment I felt like burning the disc and never playing the game ever again.

Another example, just soloed ISIC with Boldur (came back to the game determined to solo every mission with Boldur without dying once) get to the end boss and end up dying twice due to being thrown up into a gap in the ceiling during the final stage of the fight, where I was then stuck for several seconds until the game just snuffed me out. Peeved would be the emotion I felt at that point in time, and don’t even get me started on trying to hit ISIC’s floating head with melee attacks…I’d love to meet the person who thought that was a good idea.

Never had the stuck till dead happen to me on isic and maybe you had discovered another glitch? Yea the floating head is a pain yet quick when you finally do land hits. I understand the frustration on the last mission which is why I have not attempted a solo advanced with a mele only character

Ok so whole new problem. I’m fighting the boss. I’ve had “Bagranth the Gun Hulk” come up. He’s currently invincible. There’s no minions and nothing that I can see to shoot or disable to get rid of his shield. I just keep running around the arena not sure if what to do. Anyone else had this happen? Is it a glitch? Do I have to quit?

Edit: I figured it out. You just have to buy the ray guns that appear around the map to break the shield.

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When that boss comes up, small shards will start spawning.
You need to use those to collect crystals and then you will also see turrets which appear. (300 Shards I think)
You need to activate the turrets and they will work to disable his invincible shield.
It’s the same boss mechanics as you find at the end of the Archive.

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I finally did it! Such a good finally. I think they did a great job with it. It was tough and I was pissed at it for a while now but it was a very rewarding feeling finally pulling it off. I found that which of the random boss you get really effects the difficulty too. I like that it will be different every time I play it


Good job on the completion! :acmaffirmative: just be warned on advanced difficulty you have to fight all the bosses two at a time!

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