Heliophage - Why don't they drop anything?

You know how it hurts… playing Heliophage on Advanced, getting out of the stage with 3 Common and 2 Uncommon gears.

I’m not asking for the Bosses to drop their Legendaries but at least on gear per Boss between uncommon and Epic.

If I want to do a Mission for quick cash it is always the Algorithm… the almighty and Benevolent Arachnis commonly drops legendaries and often 3-4 Gears in Number. Combined with Henchmen Too you have 5 good chances on gear and 3 Big chest that always sit in the same place.

In Heliophage you work so hard ( especially on Advanced) to get to the End… and Rendain drops ONE Gear. He loves to drop green. I HATE IT.

So… I still need his Helm of The Empire for completionists sake, but thats not enough to let me try it. Even more so since I want it at Max Roll so getting it with lower stats would be even more frustrating.

If however, the six bosses you need to beat could drop at least some epic gears, THIS would make the level 10000 Times more worth it.

I don’t know what they were thinking when they did this stage… one gear drop from Rendain.

And then you don’t even have the time to get the bonus score. If he dropped like 4-5 Gears himself that would be fine too.

BUT ONE? Thats a middle Finger to the Face of anyone who tries to get the gear complete.

Side Note: During the second Loot event (which was sucking compared to the original) I played the stage 5 Times and got 3 Green one blue and ONE legendary, that I already had at max.

Until there is more loot to get in this level… until then… Suck it Rendain, you won’t get any screen time on my TV any more.


I’m sure this has been said before, but if the bosses in Helio had a chance to drop their legendaries, as well as Rendain having an increased chance to drop his (Because you know, final boss and very difficult just to reach let alone defeat) then I think this mission would see a lot more play, and this would give incentive to PvP-oriented players to play it a lot more often as well.


I’m pretty sure in possibly the AMA (I have a feeling it was somewhere here though) they said they’re looking at
A. increasing drop rate
B. how gear drops work in Heliophage
So hopefully your idea becomes reality

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Besides this there is a Myth associated with Helio, some here in the forums have said while you can’t move when Rendain goes down you still get everything that drops. False!

I’ve done Helio 108 times now and have taken screen shots quick.
You are not getting credit for the all the things falling.
i.e. Screen shot will clearly show 25 pickups but you just get 4.

same boat as you. I still haven’t gotten anything out of Sabatour either. So 2 full levels with no gold drops for me.

I just completed this mission this weekend, and I saw that Rendain dropped a whole load of goodies, but the game cut to the end scene where you send him to Varelsiland before I had a chance to pick up anything at all. How frickin’ annoying! I just know that a perfect Vow of Zealous Fury was lying there!

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Though it’s not certain yet, but I think all gear drops should be gathered automatically upon mission end.

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Yep, played this once for the trophy and never again. I like his normal legendaries so much more anyway.

I can’t understand why the other bosses don’t have their normal loot pools.

I’ve played Advanced Helio enough times to just duck out of the match than waste time on it.
The bosses have a stupid high amount of health. You have a single drop for a legendary.
And everyone’ who votes for it are command rank 20 or less who’ve never done it.
Even at full efficiency it takes almost twice as long as any other mission.
And it’s not even hard. Just artificially difficult and annoying.

"Oh no. I’ve been knocked off the edge.
Again. Better get use to this endless void."
And any lore challenge I have left, I just grab a friend and do it on normal. Not worth the hassle.

It’s twisted but I’ve completed it 120 times.
A group of us, peeps here and on Discord, do it each evening with a different class on Advanced mode.
Even if we fail it’s a blast.



I’m pretty lucky that one of the few times I was co-erced into an advanced helio run I got a max roll doomsday key from Rendain.

Also lucky I got a perfect VoZF from one of my other runs against my will lol.

I had a doomsday key drop from helio the other day.

I agree, rather dismal drop rates. It is FAR easier to do solo. I’ve done it a number of times and I’m just like, nope. An hour of play for NO legendary isn’t worth it.

That cheap dbag should cough up at least one for all the trouble.

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ur fired.


They are gonna Patch some stuff, but sadly they’re not making more loot in that stage a real thing (yet).

Maybe someday… I hope the dream will come true.