Helix Gamers daily tournaments: Rule changes and upcoming tournaments

Rule updates: 1) Gear is now not bannend. 2) Meltdown is the only game mode that will be played at our tournaments 3) Teams can now use aim assist These changes were made from community feedback.
Alright so now to our upcoming tournaments. As you guys know they will be daily so to prevent myself from having to make a daily thread I am going to post all the upcoming events for this week in this thread. If the PS4 numbers grow by the end of this week you can expect next week to have Xbox One tournaments. I would also like to congratulate Draconic Force for winning our first daily tournament last night. They did an awesome job. You guys can also join our Discord channel which is where rule discussion and tournamnet disscusion happen https://discord.gg/0zDscomrrfoRcjK4
Today’s tournament https://battlefy.com/rockjaw/ps4-helix-gamers-open-2/5749bc50ed60f86f121aebe0/info
Fridays. https://battlefy.com/rockjaw/ps4-helix-gamers-open-3/5749bcdc3b1b2b8112e7c977/info
Saturday’s. https://battlefy.com/rockjaw/ps4-helix-gamers-open-4/5749bd5f57fd5d7212b4025b/info
Sunday’s https://battlefy.com/rockjaw/ps4-helix-gamers-open-5/5749be0bf917628a12ac0245/info

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