Helix Gamers League Announcing 3v3 and 5v5 Tournaments

Hello Competitive Badasses,

Its been a while since we have posted anything here on the forums and on the Battleborn Reddit. We certainly did not forget about Battleborn or left we continued hosting tournaments through out the weeks. Anyhow we are here and stronger then ever we will be hosting 6 Tournaments this weekend and every weekend for the foreseeable future. Our PS4 and XB1 3v3 Tournaments are held on Friday at 4:00 PM EST. PC 3v3 is held on Saturday at 3:00 PM EST. PS4 and XB1 5v5 Tournaments are also held on Saturday at 3:00 PM EST, and the PC 5v5 is held on Sunday at 3:00 PM EST. You can sign up for the tournaments here

Remember that rules are always up for discussion in our #community_rule_Discussion channel in our Discord Channel.

_ Winters, Owner of HGL


I’ve already signed up on PC and PS4. Free agent in all of them except the PC one today because @NatsumeRyu roped me into being part of a team. We’re so gonna get stomped. :confounded:

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I hope a lot more people join! I don’t care about winning, I just want to be there to support a game I love! :slight_smile: I’m glad people responded to join my team on the unofficial discord, or id be stuck doing free agents too! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try my best, and i hope no one’s scared to enter! Grab your friends, and let’s play Battleborn! :slight_smile:
Don’t let DrHoHo scare you off! :slight_smile:

Pretty unfriendly time for Australia. 6am/7am. Worse for West Australia.

International matches I’ve participated in in the past in other games are usually held around 6pm EST to allow European players to play late night (11pmish GMT) and Aus to play morning (9amish AEST).

Just curious… how will the 3v3 be played… like what map?

I won’t be participating as I want the scene to grow not die. :disappointed_relieved: I already yelled at the comp players that played in the last one and none of us will be playing in them so the non hardcore players can have some fun matches instead of just stomps.

We’ll play in them again after it grows more so keep promoting the tourneys and try and get more people involved. :acmaffirmative: I’m glad you guys are having fun just like we did. :grin:

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hey, you guys should join, but as free agents! :slight_smile:

incursion, the maps and what order they get played is in the rules :slight_smile:

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@RedX i stand corrected, i saw bohan post in the xbox thread the 3v3 is capture :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on the fence about playing. I do have 2-3 other guys I regularly play with but I don’t know how much they’d want to play, or how one would go about creating or joining a team. Most people who play at this point seem to have their own little groups which seems to me would be weird to fit into at this point. Where can I go to see more details are far as rules and that stuff?

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well there are free agents as well that wanna play and think exactly the same thing as you. I’ve met nothing but cool people on the discord channels so I’m sure you won’t be disappointed

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