Helix Gamers Leagues and tournament's starting this Wednesday

PS4 Only as of now Helix Gamers is a Monthly point series. Points are awarded to the top 4 teams that finish each day. The teams that go to the finals will be decided by who has the most points at the end of the month, The top 8 in standings. The top 4 in the finals will be invited to join our Pro-Division.
What is our Pro-Division? The Pro-Division is our second division. This division is where we start having money prizes and where the teams will be regonised as pros. The Pro-Division will have 6 tournaments a year that award money prizes. They will also have weekly tournaments thaty award points to go to our BadAss-Division.
What is the BadAss-Division? The BadAss-Division is the top of the totem pole. These teams have worked hard to get here and they will be awarded for it. Here there is 12 tournament’s that award big money prizes meaning $1000 and up.
So what are you waiting for be a BadAss and sign up Now! Here https://battlefy.com/rockjaw/ps4-helix-gamers-open-1/5749ade4016bde8312facdf9/info