Helix Level 1 Mutation - Is it useful?

[Whoops-A-Daisy!] - “Rotation Wards drop in place when activated, rather than following ISIC around.”

I just unlocked it but can’t seem to really understand why anyone would use it or why it is useful. Does anyone pick it?

So after playing with it for a bit the only thing I can think of is to use it as a big bomb

You use the mutation at Level 1 then use exploding wards. It makes for a good damage bomb that can’t be targeted by enemies. It also has aggro so you could potentially use it to make the enemies look one way then go behind them for easy criticals

But other than that can’t think of what else to use it for. I mean in order to “place” the bomb it means you have to get near them anyway which means you will be running head first into fire. But then again you can Plasma Dash out of there really quickly. Was playing 5 man PVE and it was doing good damage against the bigger enemies provided I just had to run right next to the big enemy to “place” the bomb

And it works even better if you get the +6 second ward Helix also

But yeah all that for a bomb. Meh. I’d honestly rather have the protection of regular wards + the Helix that bounces back incoming fire. Seems like over time the bouncing back of enemy bullets would deal overall more damage anyway plus it can hit other enemies.

So yeah I’m not sure why this Mutation was even created

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So we would have options when we level. I’m with you in that I don’t take that option (I go for the shield recharge delay), the reflect projectiles, and the extended time ones myself. I guess another option would be to place a shield on top of the defense points like Cal’s armor recharge depot, but I’d rather just kill everything instead. :dukecheese: