Helix misleading/legendary bug?

So between red dot sight and scope, the red dot says it increases your zoom fire rate. Tried comparing this side by side with another foxtrot who took the scope but we both emptied our 30 bullets at the same time. I think the helix just means to say he snaps into firing mode quicker when zooming, instead of shooting faster while zoomed? Using the ultimates side by side it seemed to be about 10% quicker though but may of just been a timing thing too. Helix should be more clear.

His 100% shield penetration helix, combined with the Bunker Buster legendary (deal more damage vs shields based on shield penetration) so with 100% shield penetration it dealt… nothing to shields, it ignored them entirely rather than deleting them instantly like you’d expect :frowning:

sounds like they borrowed the effect from the Trespasser.

Can’t speak for the red dot sight but with the Bunker Buster legendary that is to be expected. You have 100% shield penetration therefore you’re dealing no damage to the shield… which means you get no bonus damage to the shield (really, that legendary is kinda silly).

yeah its basically too much of a good thing >: | I expected it to either do nothing…OR EVERYTHING __