Helix not satisfying

Why even get excited out leveling up besides taunts and skins (which is a lazy way of not having new costumes) when the helix you unlock tend to be less attractive than your orginal

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I think it depends on the character. Reyna for instance as a lot of her best stuff hidden away behind the mutation system.

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It’s about class diversity and options, not about ‘upgrades’. The new helixes give new tools to the shed, not necessarily tools meant to outshine existing ones. Some DO feel outright better, like Gal has a mutation for Corruption attack speed, on the same line as… Corruption builds while blocking or gain a WHOLE FOUR HEALTH REGEN while corrupted. Whiskey Foxtrot has one that causes his passive to give him 22 Health Regen a second on top of the damage, instead of the 30% movespeed or reload speed, which I generally think is the superior choice.
Oscar Mike and Phoebe get Mutations for their high damage aoe Ults to follow them, even if they’re smaller, meaning that they can force you to stay in it, sorta.
Don’t wanna enhance your Jumps with Caldarius? his mutation makes his sword lifesteal 15%, very not bad for staying in the fight. (Especially in PvE, where you won’t feel the loss of mobility as much but love the extra sustained Sustain.)


Maybe it’s a hit or miss then. I just feel like in my experience there not that great for something you could of just gave the character out of the gate instead of adding a filler to keep you grinding one character.