Helix Review + Suggestions - Toby

This is a new little project of mine…I review the helixes of some Battleborn and make suggestions for improvements. Also I would love to discuss my opinion with you guys.

Level 1

  • Contingency Plan - It is a good option for PvE, as you need to be more mobile and enemies actually move towards the Arc Mine, yet I find the damage a little bit too low as you cut short the duration of the Arc Mine.
  • Me 'N My Magnets - The option for PvP, if you play as sniper. The shield makes hitting enemies already a lot easier and putting +25% damage on top is a wonderful upgrade for Level 1.

Level 2

  • Starting Line - For players having mastered deploying the Force Field it is a good option to speed up your allies, if they chase or are chased (in this case the shield will also protect them). If it is placed correctly it is in several situations a real boon for the team in PvP.
  • Best Offense - Healing and additional attack speed sound like wonderful support for your team, but are tied to a small location and that the Force Field stays up for some time, without getting destroyed. Because of this the benefits are a bit low in raw numbers, but still usable in some situations.

Level 3

  • Targeting Overlay - Too conditional…it only has value in PvP and even there its uses are limited at best as only Shayne & Aurox, Deande, Oscar Mike and Pendles have stealth and even without this “upgrade” you can actually see stealthed enemies, due to the slight distortion around them or CC visual effects.
  • Still Alive! Sorry! - Given the alternative it is the good choice, but it is still lacking, due to Toby’s big size, which makes the amount of shield insufficent. And to add insult to injury Ghalt’s new helix choice on Level 3 “Barrier” gives the same amount of Shield Strength (171,4% of a white item with max stats) and additional Shield Recharge Rate (100% of a white item with max stats).

Level 4

  • Sorry I Broke Your Legs - A very good choice as the Arc Mine refreshes the slow with each tick of damage and doesn’t require the player to actually hit directly with the Arc Mine.
  • Sorry I Broke Your Wrists - A direct stun is always a strong choice and is only limited by the fact, that the player directly needs to hit the enemy with the Arc Mine for it to take effect and that it only affects only 1 target per use.
  • Arc Vortex - A horrible choice as it nearly has the same requirements as “Sorry I Broke Your Wrists”, as it is limited by the small pull range. Also the pull disables the enemy for a shorter amount of time and is harder to predict than a direct stun.

Level 5

  • Boosted Boosters - To have one more boost in reserve is hardly an upgrade to Toby’s already poor passive as it still needs the same amount of time to charge up one boost.
  • Panic Mode - While still not an overwhelmingly good choice, it adds some survivability to Toby as the player is more than likely to use up his boost charges for retreat.
  • Upward Boost - Useless is probably the most fitting description for this upgrade as it lacks actual height gain and can’t be chained to reach some higher ledges.

Level 6

  • Beam Splitter - It is a good PvE option and may have its place in PvP, yet the shots going to the sides are a bit hard to use on purpose, while still hitting targets with the main shot and staying stationary behind the Force Field.
  • Plasma Mine - A good choice for PvP, unless you are facing Eldrid and also worth considering for certain PvE missions with shielded enemies.
  • Overcompensating - More or less a pure PvP choice, which makes hitting moving targets a bit easier and enabling shots to crit, which would have otherwise flew past above the enemies heads,.

Level 7

  • Riding The Rail - Charging up Toby’s shots faster is an overall good choice both in PvE and PvP.
  • Heartpiercer - For grouped up enemies in PvE and PvP a strong choice to hit multiple targets at once. It is more than unlikely to hit 2 Battleborn with 1 shot,unless they shield near death allies (then it is awesome), but it can dispose of minion waves in Incursion and Meltdown rather effectively.
  • Self Destruct Sequence - Compared to the other 2 options extremely situational. Its only merit seems to be in PvP, if you are constantly focused by melee opponent and want to help your team by dying.

Level 8

  • Room For Improvement - Making the Force Field bigger is a very situational choice. In PvE, it can block a wider angle of shots from enemies if you defend a target and in PvP it can improve the benefits of “Starting Line” a bit. The downside is, that as it gets bigger it also takes more hits, which means that it also gets destroyed quicker.
  • Room For Mistakes - Improving the health of the Force field is by far the superior choice, as making it more durable enables the player to use the benefits of the Force Field overall more.

Level 9

  • What’s Mine Is Yours - A great choice as making the AoE of the Arc Mine bigger (without the actual mine becoming a bigger target) has several benefits. It allows the Arc Mine to damage more enemies, blocks a bigger area (if enemies actively try to avoid the AoE) and augments the effects of “Sorry I Broke Your Legs” and “Arc Vortex” (which becomes somewhat usable with this choice, but even more unpredictable).
  • Primed Catalyzers - The damage boost of 15% isn’t overwhelming, but a good choice if “Sorry I Broke Your Wrists” was taken as an upgrade and the Arc Mine is mainly used for the stun.
  • Mines, Mines, Mines! - Having another mine quicker, especially if used with “Sorry I Broke Your Wrists” and Toby’s personal item “The Double Hug” is a very strong choice for PvP.

Level 10

  • Triple Charge - An overall change to the skill and up to personal preference. My personal opinion is, that the bolts are more unforgiving in terms of missing the enemy and they deal around 40% less damage than the common Core Discharge if both versions would make all hits connect.
  • Coldclock - A good upgrade to the Core Discharge as slowing enemies with each hit makes it easier to connect following ticks on enemies trying to avoid the beam and also helping your team by doing so.


Level 3

  • Targeting Overlay (Improved) - I would add a tracking feature. Shots not accelerated by the Force Field track enemies as long as the scope is used and the reticle is pointed at the target.
  • Still Alive! Sorry! (Improved) - Add +105 Shield Recharge Rate
  • Marked for Death! Sorry! (new upgrade/ replacement) - Keeping an enemy inside the reticle while scoped for 3 seconds will mark them. The mark stays on target for 5 seconds, increasing the damage dealt by +15% and reveal them on the minimap.

Level 4

  • Valentine Mine (new upgrade/ replacement) - If an enemy is directly hit by the Arc Mine it will stick to the target and can’t be destroyed by the enemy, but will deal -50% damage to the target it is stuck on.

Level 5

  • BERG!-Punch!!! (new upgrade/ replacement) - Using Toby’s quick melee, while his Railgun is fully charged, will release the energy, knocking targets hit further away and dealing high damage. +300 damage; +400% knockback; 8 seconds Cooldown
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Health regen is junk unless your battleborn has ways to boost it as well as innate health regen.
Also Attack speed only benefits no charge spam shots, not charged shots so that limits it’s use even more.

As I said this upgrade is way too weak in terms of actual raw numbers, but as it also applies to allies standing behind the shield it is kinda usable for activities, where no speed up is needed. So your point?