Helix selection woes and survivability

What do? No, seriously. This drives me batty. The choices between sustain and damage at levels 3 and 5 are abysmal to say the least.

Also, how do people go about surviving for prolonged periods of time? By level 7 if I choose all offense, most things just run away if I get a good rhythm going, but I always, always miss life steal and HP REGEN. Any suggestions? Any gear suggestions are welcome as well.

Also, what packs should I purchase to get a sword with attack speed on hit? I had it in the beta, and all the Jennerit packs lessen DR, which is just… no.

Once you get Charge Efficiency you don’t have to worry about what to pick for level 5 anymore (it’s a crying shame you can’t use Charge Efficiency & Hedronic Regeneration in the same build, b/c he really needs it). For level 3 I usually pick the lifesteal for PvE, but Tenacity might be more effective for PvP, where you need to kill ppl quick - despite his size, Attikus is more an assassin than a tank, needing to grab a kill and get out. The only advantage to his size is bodyblocking your enemies so they can’t retreat. Unfortunately his biggest weakness is his lack of sustainability, which is really magnified early on when he lacks DPS as well. PvE or PvP, the early levels can be a real problem. In PvP you have to be really patient, hang back & pick your spots a la early El Dragon, but in PvE you really don’t have a choice in a lot of missions, you have to start fighting and hope for the best. I hope they figure out some kind of minor rework to make him a little more viable in general, he’s a cool character that has kind of a bad reputation b/c it’s difficult to consistently do well with him.

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His legendary it’s pretty amazing, it’s helps a lot. With Rank 3 Tenacity and Rank 4 Speed boost if someone’s effected by your Arc fists. Once you hit someone with your Arc fists, if they “try” and run there’s no way they are getting away unless they use a skill. If they stay and fight they have slower attack speed for a time which means you take less damage. I’d only pick the Life Steal at Rank 3 if there’s no Healer on your team and even then I still prefer Tenacity, it’s just to good to pass up.
I mainly play Attikus in PvP and almost always go with the passive healing at Rank 5, IMO charge efficiency is pretty useless. The only good charge ability is for his Ult which I use as soon as I can to disrupt/kill the enemy team.
I go with the 30% Lifesteal at Rank 2 after a pounce for that little extra survivabilty if I use the pounce to start a fight.

On one thread people mentioned that +Healing Received and +Healing Power Gear should affect Life Steal. +Healing Received should also make Supply Stations more effective, yes? Maybe some day I’ll do some testing of my own for this stuff…