Helix swap suggestion and runic power change

Ok so his early game is bad, late game is good, sounds agreeable enough among the 3~ people who play boldur. Swap Helix’s 5 and 3. Level 5 is an amazing Helix, would make GETTING to 5 smoother, and level 5 is good enough thanks to the ultimate that it can have a less than amazing helix there. Big help.

Now his late game might be a little too good, personally i stack Max HP to get up to 3800~ at end game, gaining 2% runic axe melee damage for every 100 current hp. That makes him crazy lethal. For both shield and axe, the passive benefits are BETTER than the active ones (much moreso if you take axe mastery), so Boldur just doesnt use his skills for the most part until his ultimate is on cooldown. That i feel should change. Reduce Axe Mastery to 2% for every 150 current hp and heal from shield to 30%, but spice up the active benefits ! Axe Toss is already pretty bland, and explosions are cool but the damage is RARELY worth losing the boost. Same for boldurdash, having runic power on my shield never changes how i use boldurdash because the bonus has no real impact.

So maybe give Runic Axe Toss a 100 damage AoE blast and knockup ? Boldurdash could simply increase stun duration a second, or give him a heal regeneration burst since its his ‘defensive’ side. Something more than “make skills go boom” :stuck_out_tongue:

Somewhere else i also suggested that axe throw should stun, but the axe gets stuck in the target for the duration (reducing his effective melee damage for the duration of the stun by a lot)
This could be a default, a helix, or the runic trait.

If your waiting till off cooldown to use the runic axe throw, then you really aren’t ever losing the damage bonus from have the runic axe since you just pop the ult after throw and get it back.

Which is evidence that the activatable component is lacking. Also feels like there might be a change to that in the future!