Helix too difficult to read in split-screen co-op

My wife and I have just started our first play on Battleborn after spending SO MUCH time in the Borderlands together. We’re looking forward to diving into the experience but upon our first campaign playthrough we were immediately frustrated about how hard it is to read the helix with so little screen real estate. I appreciate the attempt at more elegant split-screen experience - with the broken-out, unified map - but it seems to have really caused the legibility of the on-screen menus to suffer. We have a well-calibrated 50" Visio TV, and we both had to get up and stand right in front of the TV to read the helix for every level-up (especially since we aren’t familiar with any of the characters yet). Has anyone found a setting to improve this experience or is there a way to request Gearbox take a look at this issue for a possible fix? We really wanna spend a lot of time with the co-op, but that was a frustrating first experience. Looking forward to all the future fun, though. Thanks.

I found this other thread commenting similarly: Split Screen - Too Small (please fix!)

I don’t mind the layout at all, but if something could be do to zoom-up the helix text, we’d be set. Maybe show only one binary choice at a time just to allow more real estate for the text rather than keeping the same extact GUI as full screen? I don’t think you need to scrap the screen layout, but the font for each helix augmentation could really use a bump.

Thx for listening.

It’s not any better in single player. Text size is apparently limited by the size of text blocks in the German version of the game. Normally, I would sit about 6 feet from my 32" screen (BL1/2/TPS). For BB, 3 feet…

One thing I’ve taken to doing is trying to plan out a helix for a character in advance, and reducing it to “1L 2R …” - helps since I can do that any time outside of a game, and I’m able to hit my upgrades in-game much faster (therefore not as vulnerable while doing so).

I literally just wear my glasses whenever I play split screen. It’s the only way

Some of us have to wear glasses to play anything - if I didn’t, I’d have to sit 2 INCHES from the screen! :eyes:

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I put in a support ticket about this. They said that I should post on here about this issue.
I can deal with the map bar as it is. But if they could just zoom in on the helix menu that would be incredibly beneficial.