Helix upgrades that are too strong or too useless. Seen them?

There’s nothing worse than unlocking a new helix upgrade by getting your character to X level and then finding out that its garbage.

One example of this is Miko.

At level 4, you have access to the upgrades Trail of Spores and Spore Shock.

Trail of spores: Cloud of Spores drops spores along the way to a target, covering a larger area.

**Sporeshock:**If Cloud of Spores hits an enemy directly, that enemies is stunned rather than slowing all enemies in the blast radius.

Personally I find that Sporeshock is practically always better. Why settle for just a slow when you can have a stun as well? If you miss your target and Cloud of Spores hits the ground, you still get the slow field. but if you directly hit a target, which actually isn’t hard to do face to face, then you get a 2 second stun. That’s just so much better. Don’t get me wrong, Trail of spores is a good effect, it allows for a larger area to become slowed. But Sporeshock’s stun is too powerful. The ability to force a unit from acting via moving or attacking at all is really powerful for both PvE and PvP.

Well guess what? One of the upgrades you can unlock happens to be in Level 4. Its called Sticky Spores.

**Sticky Spores:**Cloud of Spores sticks on impact, bursting when enemies enter its blast radius or after 60 seconds.

Ow. Just…ow. That’s so much worse than the default upgrades for Level 4. It felt terrible seeing this upgrade and honestly feel like a waste. Even if Sporeshock didn’t exist in Level 4, Trail of Spores outright beats it due to sheer utility. Having the ability to cover a larger area in a field of slow is so much more useful than just throwing a spore and hoping people run into it. Why do that when you can just throw it at someone? That’s usually the whole reason to use Cloud of Spores, to lay out slow fields when you need them or to stun so you and your team can net a kill.

Anyone else ran into some upgrades, default or unlockable, that just seem impossible not to take or are just completely trash compared to the other upgrade choice?

Whiskey and Oscar Mikes ‘25% shield pen’ comes to mind, (though Oscar can combo that with the 75% pen on tac rounds which will total 100% for the first 15 shots, and that’s not abd.) Shield Pen only works in massive excess, and 25% isn’t enough on it’s own, and cradles the line of ‘if you go full pen build this will be a nice finisher to it’.

Especially since shield pen is already gimmicky at best, and if your entire team doesn’t have it specced, and if the other team has a Heals based healer. (Aka: anyone classified as a support, because Reyna and Kleese can get healing easily enough) then your gimmick is easily nullified by spot heals, or just walking over to a resupply, or basic health regeneration perks/items, which I find are moderately common.

Lol, you also forgot to mention that the whole gimmick is moot when fighting Eldrid, since they don’t have shields.

Kinda makes you wish you could see what characters the other team is picking, like MOBAs typically do. I find it harder and harder justifying taking Shield Pen upgrades/gear pieces because of characters like Thorn, Miko, and Melka. Characters that are fairly played often.

Trial of spores is meant to apply a whole slowing field, you aren’t supposed to throw it at a target (also, the stun only applies to the target hit directly I believe anyway) And Sticky Spores is meant for area denial, a completely different purpose. There’re way better examples of helix choice imbalance…

Are we only talking about unlocked mutations or helixes as a whole? For locked ones ISIC has two

“Whoops a daisy” drops rotating wards on the floor. Imagine if Toby’s barrier followed him no matter where he moved. Now imagine he had a helix to drop it in place. Yeah.

“Shields down charge up” gives you overcharged status for 2 seconds after you break aegis. It takes 2 seconds to overcharge, it takes 5 seconds at best to take enough damage to break aegis. And even then overcharge is meh.

To be fair, it sort of combos with Isic’s legendary gear effect, which immediately recharges his wards when his aegis breaks, meaning you can immediately cast an overcharged ward.

I haven’t actually tried it to be honest. If it gave you 2 full seconds of overcharge meaning you could unload a volley of charge shots it would be good/brokenly amazing but I don’t believe that it does.

I wouldn´t just confine myself to mutations … I´ve seen plenty of examples where helix choices in general seemed either both (or all three) quite poor or extremely imbalanced.

Rarely do I find myself admiring the fact that a character can be specced different ways, depending on the enemy team and whatnot, while that should be the case for every single one … most of the time there sadly is a “best” way to spec, which makes the whole helix concept redundant.

Can you make another thread on useless abilities? I nominate everything on Kelvin apart from Sublimate.