Hell Let Loose - the new BIA?

(Hi!) #1

While only tangentially related to BIA, the video does indeed give a shout out to Earned In Blood. What do you all think? Personally, I’m considering building a gaming PC just to get this game.

Also, how awesome would it be if the new BIA had an MP like this? I recall back in the old days, there was some talk of the next MP being all human squads with a human squad leader. Kinda like this, or Squad, ARMA, et al.

(armitom) #2

If its not a singleplayer game, it doesn’t interest me, I never liked online gaming.
So…Nope, its not the new BIA for me.

Looks ok though, hope it ends up good.

(Hi!) #3

For realz? Obviously, I loved the SP in all 3 BIA games - more so the first two than the 3rd, admittedly - but, for me, the MP in Hill 30 and EiB were the big selling points. I played the ■■■■ out of the MP on those games. How much did I play the MP? So much that I was ranked no. 16 on the Xbox Live leaderboards! Ha, I know, ima dork. But man, those were some intense MP games and for whatever reason, I really cared if I lost. That’s the only game I’ve ever cared too much if my team won or lost a match.

Oh well. Still, I’m REALLY hoping a new BIA game has an awesome MP.


BiA gets a brief mention here, about how the franchise was nearly ruined by publisher expectations…