Hellborn Amara Takes on Trial of Fervor (Level 65 Nova Berner Set up Showcase)

TL/DR: We are bringing Hellborn Krieg back spiritually though elemental damage because yes. Using the Brawler Nova Burner with ASS, Ice Spiker Static Charge, and the Muse COM, we can keep up groundbreaker and phaseslam as often as possible.

So essentially, this is a work in progress as I am currently still testing what coms would be better with the new purple tree that was added with the newest dlc, and how phaseslam can still benefit from the skills it offers. So this is what I’ve come up with so far.

Gear: Psycho Stabber (200% Phaseslam Melee); Drops from Borman Nates in the Meridian Outskirts on Promethea.

Facepuncher (300% Phaseslam Weapon); Drops from Muldock the Anointed located in Floodmore Basin on Eden-6

Another Psycho Stabber (Could be any weapon tbh, still a good get regardless)

Corrosive Zhevs Eruption (300% Phaseslam Weapon); Drops from Wotan the Invincible at Maliwan Takedown or Titan at Slaughter Shaft on Pandora)

Brawler Nova Burner (ASS Shield Break): This one I’ve obtained through trading, as it is a very tough farm. If the Flame of the Firehawk and Hide of Terra had a baby, this was the outcome. The nova is not melee, and so we can procc groundbreaker using this and our action skill. Keeps Amara up when tough mobs try to body her, and can procc novas when getting out of FFYL (applies to guardian angel); Drops from the Power Troopers at Atlas HQ on Promethea. Can also be obtained as a world drop.

Cryo Recurring Hex (OGT 25%)

Muse Com: As long as you have cooldown white text, this should work out nicely. Helps keep up groundbreaker and boosts our melee and slam damage consistently.

Ice Spiker Static Charge: after some testing between me and a YouTuber named StoneSwan (who makes very good non meta builds for Amara), we discovered that this slam artifact doesn’t get splash damage, but rather action skill damage. This means it can procc samsara before we can use our novas, and ensure we can stay above healthgate through our passive healing. Without this, the nova will kill either weak enemies, or targets vulnerable to fire damage, which in turn puts us at risk of being below healthgate and getting downed. It can also procc Expedite on kills, which I’ll get into later down below.

Skills: Green tree: We need to be tanky (aka dummy thicc) so getting good survivabilty and damage is our top priority. Max out roots to rise and samara. 4/5 for both Arms deal and Helping Hands for extra splash damage and damage reduction. Get find your center for melee damage, and max Mindfullness instead of vigor for speed and less delay, so we can get back our novas on fill. Guardian angel to get a free revive, 4/5 jab cross for action skill damage and some gun damage, and blitz for extra melee damage.

Red tree: “bruh, we have ebb and flow now. Why you grab sustainment, you goof?” Lemme explain cuz I know it’s weird. But the thing to keep in mind is that ebb and flow only works for melee and it’s on kill. While that works well for Phaseflare, it’s not the same story for Phaseslam. IMO, they are very different action skills that award different kind of play styles. Phaseflare is more safe and more slow paced (kinda like a keep away character in fighting games), while Phaseslam is more risky and highly based on momentum. Therefore, having more options for healing instead of banking on a lucky hit will be more beneficial for Phaseslam as a whole. Best allocation I found was maxing out Anima, Tempest, and illuminated fist. 1 point for Infusion (Facepuncher), 4/5 for wildfire for better dot spread, 1/3 for catharsis to have mayhem Leveled novas occasionally, and 1 point for sustainment will do

Purple Tree: 4/5 for no mistakes in nature and heavy rain for extra melee and splash damage, 3/3 for unweave the rainbow and go with the flow in the case we freeze someone (extra damage and speed), and combo breaker for a chance to rest our cooldown on a melee kill. 1/5 for burn both ends. It’s small, yes, but it’s extra overall damage, something that Amara never had before. Equip Expedite augment for cooldown reduction on action skill kills, which can also be proved by the ice spiker.

General playstyle: slam first to get samsara, while throwing grenades for extra status effect and Chance to freeze. Procc action skill to activate nova and Phaseslam to do a lot of burst damage. Alternate between meleeing and slamming using the muse orb charged groundbreaker damage to your advantage. Try to finish targets off with slams to get the best out of expedite. Most importantly, have fun being a pyromaniac. I recommend Playing on mayhem 11, but you can also do m10 as well (best rolls would be speed demon, Healy avenger, spinners, and not the face). This specific Can handle most parts of the game, but struggles on the raids. Luckily, You can just switch shields and gear to get through those parts, without needing to respec in any way. I’ll be posting videos on that soon enough. Hope y’all enjoy!