Hellborn and loot midgets a bear

I notice that health recovery off of LLM particularly poor to non existent off of storm front or weapons with a hellborn build (a pretty much standard HB with bloodlust). I have the feeling this effected if raving retribution is procced. LLM shake slag pretty fast but often they seem to not even have an elemental apply even when colored as if.

WEP is a favorite proving ground and mobbing area but the midgets are much harder than a bxr/bl build. Everything else just melts. Am I missing something?

Corrosive against midget loaders, fire against humans and a lot of cover.
Show us your loadout. Remember that there is a lapse of time where the midgeys are “unslaggable”.

I use a Hornet and a Hellfire against them.

What @xmngr said, is true. I remember reading somewhere that if you slag em as they jump out of the boxes, it has the same effect as what occurs with the dragons, and not be slaggable at all.

Derch told me that. Same with K when he morphs into the badass mutant psycho.

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Didn’t know that about K. Hey, you learn new stuff everyday haha!

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Indeed :smiley:

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Not only to slag, the game glitches if you have elemental effects (burn, electrocute and corrosive) on stuff during some kind of transformation/specific animation such as loot midgets jumping from boxes, jet loaders landing animation, etc.

Any chance the OP’s using a FotF?

yes hellborn, but shield is most often up at the time. i tend to drop a grenade in sync with popping the box, so most likely its the glitch.

the loadout is slag slow hand, corr kitten, floretine and a hellborn com. storm front grenade. like i said, i am trying out the standard op8 hb builds.

used other gear, but that would not matter if the glitch procs.

thanks, all.

meat man gets a bunch of benefits when he has the shield down, therefore breaking your FoTFH or using a rough rider should work nicely

let them pop out from the box, and when they’re down, shoot
that’s when they’re vulnerable

You can still shoot and kill them while mid-air if I recall correctly, just make sure they do not land while under any elemental effect.

right. the point being if they get hit with ftfh they then glitch. you want the shield up. the damage they do will strip it soon enough. it’s not like that strategy is any different than running a melee shield with zero.

i kill fine with bxr/bl builds or melee zero. midgets are a joke to kill.