Hellborn Krieg - Any tips / help?

So I started a Hellborn Krieg build just to try it out. I have a level 72 Krieg but it’s all melee. My level 50 Krieg is the one with the Hellborn build.

I just finished TVHM today and this is my current skill tree.

My weapons right now, I have a level 50 DPUH, Rubi, Corrosive Kitten and Practicable Slow Hand (Fire). I also have the Heartbreaker, Good and Bad Touch, Conference Call (Shock and Fire) all level 50. I’m using FOTF shield (level 50) and Lobbed Storm Front (level 39.) I can’t remember what class mod I have right now but it’s the one with either burn damage or ignite chance and mag size.

Going in to UVHM, I know how hard it could be. I haven’t finished my Level 72 Krieg with UVHM yet, and I want to get my level 50 Hellborn Krieg to 72.

Any tips / suggestions you can give as I go through UVHM with Hellborn Krieg currently at Level 50? Are there any missions I should do first? Or DLCs?

Much appreciated.

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything.


I saw King Gothalion’s build and I found it pretty interesting with Krieg so I decided to try and pattern my build to his. At least with the weapons that I can get.

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@xmngr may be able to lend some advice

I’m fairly rusty since I haven’t touched BL2 in a while xD

Looks like Bloodlust/Hellborn. I would take out some points from Bloodlust and move them to Mania. I’ll be back home at night, I can post some gear and build ideas for you :slight_smile:

Which kind of playstyle you like?, full-gun, melee or hybrid-melee?

Haha it’s okay. I atopped it for a while but since I got the Handsome Collection on sale I came back and haven’t stopped playing.

I was thinking of doing Hellborn like how King Gothalion did, but then again he (or other people who also did Hellborn Krieg) may have respec’d later on in the game.

I already have a full melee Krieg game which is level 72 and currently finishing UVHM. I wanted to try Hellborn Krieg on my level 50, but not sure if I should respec to melee first going in to UVHM then go back to Hellborn once I’m 72. (so I have the full skill tree set filled.)

I find both styles fun in different ways. I just think it’s harder for Hellborn Krieg since you really have to have the right guns to keep up. And going in UVHM i’d have to change my loot from time to time which can be challenging. With melee just go full beast but then again there’s Silence the Voices.

But yeah, I just really love playing Krieg.

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Yeah, usually it’s easier to level up as melee Krieg and just switch over to Hellborn once you’ve farmed the max level gear. But I’m sure it’s doable. My personal advise would to just beat the main game asap while you have good gear and just farm the DLCs, Snowman, or whomever you like to get to 72. But that’s just me.

For your build I have a couple suggestions.

  • Pain is Power is IMO a bad skill. And so long as your weapon can crit and you’re getting crits, it is actually a decent DPS loss when you have any other additive gun damage. And the more you have the worse it gets, so with Bloodbath you lose a lot.
  • Getting the minimum points you need in the Mania tree before the Bloodlust one will help your survivablility, make it waaay easier to keep your FoTF down, and give you a more reliable DPS increase. As the Bloodlust skills can be unreliable/unneeded without perfect gear.


For tips I can give a few based on general knowledge, but I’ve never leveled a Hellborn Krieg.

  • I’d head strait to TTAoDK after you meet Claptrap and get a Grog. If need be forget the stigma associated with it and at least use it you while you’re leveling up.
  • Don’t cling on to your FoTF. If you’re having trouble surviving because it’s not killing enemies anymore and the DoTs aren’t healing you enough, don’t be hesitant to switch to a good Adaptive shield, or even better farm a Rough Rider. Your Storm Front will build stacks, and farming a near level on with heal you with and without a Grog.
  • If you are going to farm Snowman later, I’d suggest getting a fire Lady Fist in TVHM and use an on level Bee.
  • The best com would probably be a Legendary Psycho, followed by a blue Toast from a quick look.
  • And then elemental relics I presume?
  • I’m sure xmngr can give you more tips.
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