Hellborn Krieg questions

So I’ve been taking Krieg through UVHM, and I’m dying a lot more than I want to be. I believe my equipment is not bad, it’s just my playstyle, so I wanted to ask some questions.

  1. Build. Looking OK?
  2. I tend to enter an area by tossing in a lot of Storm Fronts (they are still level 50, so I have to throw quite a lot), then lighting just a few enemies on fire. I then leave them as “health packs” through Elemental Elation, and take out everyone else. Is this a good way to approach a battle? I sometimes get overwhelmed very quickly, but I don’t know how else to keep my health up while in combat.
  3. What kinds of grenades should I be looking for other than Teslas? My main priority is just keeping Elemental Elation up.

Thanks in advance!

Your link isn’t working for some reason, but it could just be the site’s temporarily down.

Anyway, what level are you?
What gear outside of the SF are you using?
As far as grenades, a SF is one of the best, but if it’s 5 or more levels below you, it’s time to find something else. Pretty much any Vladoff grenade would work well., Hyperion singularities work great too because they allow you to control the battlefield. I’d go with slag for Hyperion and shock for Vladoff.
Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed unless you’re using an on-level or close to level FotFH. With a Moxxi weapon and EE, there isn’t much that can one-shot you provided you’re very careful.

Don’t forget to check out the 50 ways to stay alive and the community guide as well.

Are you slagging enemies? Slag is an indispensable tool in UVHM, greatly increasing one’s DPS. As @Gulfwulf said, SFs are one of the best, with slag Singularities coming in a close second. Slag Singularities set up easy Bloodsplosion chains when mobbing. If you need a bigger pull, Quasars work well. Magic Missile (found in Tina’s DLC) is another amazing grenade, as it launches 2-4 enemy-seeking slag projectiles. Situational grenades like Bouncing Betties should also be considered.

If you don’t yet have it, I strongly suggest picking up Delusional Damage, and then attacking enemies with whatever they’re weak to. It’s a lot stronger than trying to, say, light Loaders on fire. It shouldn’t be too hard keeping Elemental Elation up, though I have a feeling you mean Elemental Empathy.

the answer to hellborn krieg is the flame of the firehawk

you absolutely need one to play as a hellborn krieg

end of story

Not really. I don’t know why you think it’s mandatory. I run a Rough Rider with full Hellborn-Mania. Novas? I don’t need no stinking novas.

No need to spam Storm Fronts as they can hurt you if you’re not careful. Let your guns do most of the talking. Pick up a Good Touch from Moxxi if you don’t have a Hellfire as it has a really high Burn Damage that can create a lot of healing through Elemental Empathy. Swap to it, stack DoT then swap to a stronger weapon to finish. Just make sure you slag for three times the damage and healing.

If only the Florentine was Incendiary. Eh?

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… It would still be a weak SMG.

I’ve tried it on Krieg and wasn’t impressed. Maya and Gaige are the Florentine queens.

Even with them I would rather look for SMG’s that actually can kill things ._.

Florentine is really a shield stripper/slagger in one. No? Not really meant for long term use.

it’s not like a slag Pimp wouldn’t deplete shields in one shot anyway as well as weapons like the Harold or Swordsplosion (even without slag)… Incase you’re really worried about shield-stripping you should look for a Twister, the thing is that it also frequently kills the target aswell.

All fair, but I get bored of using the same kind of gun some times. You know? I like a bit of variety.

Try the Tattler then, it’s one hell of an SMG. it almost took the place of the Slagga for me wasn’t for the lower slagging performance.

If Hyperius will let go of the bloody thing! :wink:

Really? Almost every time I’ve killed him, he dropped a Tattler. If you ever decide to get a real system, we need to play someday, Giu. :wink:

I have quite the nice PC for gaming. I just love couch co-op. Sharing a few pints and what not.

Burn, Baby Burn
Fuel the Fire
Numbed Nerves
Delusional Damage
Flame Flare
Elemental Empathy
Raving Retribution

  • Legendary Torch Class Mod + Slagging enemies to ignite yourself = Invincibility.

OK, so the gear I’m using right now:

lv. 50 Slagga (accelerated prefix)(I just use this to slag, not to shoot enemies)
lv. 60 purple incendiary Hyperion shotgun (Hyperion barrel, Practicable prefix)
lv. 56 corrosive RokSalt (practicable prefix)
lv. 59 purple shock Vladof AR (Wild prefix)

lv. 50 Rough Rider shield
lv. 50 Razed Toast COM (+6 Elemental Elation, +5 Fire Fiend)
lv. 58 green longbow Vladof Tesla (0.0 fuse time, lucked out)
lv. 59 fire Bone of the Ancients relic

I found a Legendary Psycho COM at level 57 as well. I’m eschewing Moxxi weapons, as I am a recent convert to the philosophy that they are completely unnecessary if you play your character right.

[Build.][1] How’s it look? How’s my equipment look?

I feel like I should still be taking cover and whatnot, even with Krieg’s natural disposition toward charging into battle.
[1]: http://bl2skills.com/psycho.html#55000500055100000000000035505141051

Check your build URL. There are issues with # being converted to %23 when you link it and it won’t display.