Hellborn Krieg vs Vora?

So I was wondering if there’s a viable way to defeat Vora with Hellborn/Bloodlust krieg? I know I can just respec into Melee, but it would be nice to do it with the specs I’ve always had. Also I don’t have a rapier available for the melee kill.

Thanx in advance :wink:

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Seeing as no one who knows better than I has responded, I will say that I’ve Bloodsploded Vorac using a Fastball.


You can bloodsplode him with a tediore gun if you are not specced for melee. If not you can always kill a midget with a grenade and then proc Blood bath and use a high crit weapon to wear him down quickly as well. But to me nothing beats the undefined/infinite damage cap of bloodsplosion chains if you can get one to happen. Otherwise using bloodbath you can kill vora as fast as sal without glitching.

Sadly I ended up respeccing and going for a melee kill. Managed to kill him a good few times and finally got a fire interfacer. Would be very cool though to manage it with a fastball or tediore reload!..

Yeah I tried this for his shields, proc bloodbath than go at him with a shock badaboom. Got his shields and a descent portion of his health. Think I tried it with the Norfleet to, but sure, but seing how the badaboom has got better magazine and fire rate… well.

I suppose I found melee the easiest because it’s the option you can boost most in terms of raw dmg, besides perhaps fire, compared to explosive dmg which is probably like 150% at max.

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I was thinking of critical interfacers/conference calls but glad you ended up killing him. :grin:

I obviously didn’t have an interface at that point :wink: and I don’t think a conference call would do the trick. Not enough dmg I think. The thing is when I wore down his shield he would frenzy, making it very hard. That’s why bloodsplosion is so great, because you kill him before he goes crazy