Hellborn struggling with armour

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. After spending a lot of time piecing together how hellborn Krieg works from all the posts scattered around I thought I was ready for it.

The main problems are armoured targets of any kind. I don’t seem to do enough damage to them or be able to heal enough to stay out of fight for your life mode. Everything else is easy mode but anything with a yellow health bar I can’t handle. With mobs I repeatedly cycle in and out of FFyL until i die too quick and with bosses I usually run out of ammo then die.

I usually run with a FotFH, corrosive kitten, grog, harold/flakker and the fourth slot can be anything. I use the legendary torch class mod and I swap relics based between elemental damage boosts based on the main health bars of an area. The only thing I can think to change is to start using a rough rider but I don’t feel like that would solve all the problems here.


I’m far from an expert but this guy is, so this might give you some ideas (https://youtu.be/DqLtwV9LSTk)

Swap elements to match the vid and yep … it works :+1: And if you have a Twister just another bonus.

I’m sure you’ll get plenty of helpful advice though.


either Butchered or Napalm builds will work against armor


I changed my build to hellborn/mania instead of hellborn/bloodlust. It’s heavily inspired by xmngr’s butchered build. Even though I have little of the gear mentioned it seems that just from the addition of thrill of the kill I have a lot more survivability, this giving me more time to slag and then melt them with the kitten. Thanks for the help my dudes.