HellbornKrieg song share :D

Just think of a song that suits hellborn Krieg a lot :smiley: Fall Out Boy’s “My songs know what you did in the dark”! SO LIGHT 'EM UP UP UP LIGHT 'EM UP UP UP LIGHT 'EM UP UP UP I’M ON FIREEEEEE!

Obvious choice is obvious.


I figure that since he’s insane, he has this on full repeat in his head 24/7

Liking the suggestions. But what is to say that Krieg is hyping himself up with this? Sure, for us it would, but it is just as likely that this is catharsis for him.

This is the song I think plays in the head of my explosive build Krieg;

Or things like that.

Color our world blackened


Forest Fire by the Dead Kennedys.

This, or the original version. This one feels more demented.


Black Metal ist…Krieg?

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Nope. Die Kreuzen ist Krieg

Just looked at that, and already knew it was Dimmu.

Shagrath is hard not to recognize \m/

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If K can be identified with some music style, he’ll probably would be a metalhead, thrasher or a punky guy (HxC punk being more specific). I can see him listening to Cannibal Corpse, Suicidal Tendencies or some stuff like that.

Meat Bike built for 2 with Puscifer as soundtrack would be cool.

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I keep saying, his brain is just the Oompa Loompa songs on full repeat…

Haha yeah true!

This might work.


These two at the same time :P.

More serious answer:

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I agree with the first two more!

Heavy metal rock tunes seem to be more of a Gaige kind of thing if you ask me.

Krieg is not unaware of his diminishing sanity, and is in constant conflict with himself. Hacking things up is his catharsis.

I play acoustic tunes while grinding away. It is calming.