HellbornKrieg song share :D

Outer K: metal, hardcore punk, crossover thrash, etc.
Inner K: Jazz, progressive rock/metal, classical rock, etc.

I would add Jean Michel Jarre too.

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K probably is late-20s/mid-30 (32-35 years old probably).

I can’t help but think that Digital Hardcore would be more Gaige’s thing.


Someone should change the name of the thread “The Unofficial Krieg the Cyco soundtrack” xD

(Yes, I wrote Psycho as Suicidal Tendencies does)

Yeah, but how many others besides us two are Suicidal fans? :P.


Nah, Gaige screams (no pun intended) punk, hardcore punk, metal and bits of EBM.

Forum wise xD

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Other artist may be: Skinny Puppy, FLA, Gorgonea Prima and that’s just me looking towards industrial/EBM.
But this deserves a thread of its own really.

I reckon she’d like Skunk Anansie.

(After killing some bandits in Sawtooth). K’s inner voice: (Heh. Another one bites the dust)

Or all the links here at once… :smile:

So… This?

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I’ve always felt like this song fits melee Krieg pretty well

Not what I usually listen to but it fits Krieg- and it was this or Helter Skelter… :smile:

Hasn’t anybody thought of the clearly, horrifically obvious Full Body Xplosion by the mighty Nekrogoblikon!

This seems fitting.