Hellfire Drop Rates

I just wondered if anyone else had noticed a lowered drop rate for the Hellfire (on OP8)? Today I passed the 70th Scorch kill (or it may have been more and I slept through them) and haven’t seen hide nor hair of one. Also done a number of Peak runs (but haven’t counted) with no success. I know for a period the drop rates seemed to have improved but lately it seems to have stopped altogether

I got a few post patch, I haven’t farmed them, just had them drop in the peak.

Hmm, OK thanks. Must be on Santa’s naughty list then because I’m having no joy. RNG doesn’t like me :cry:

Keep trying. I had a double drop last weekend (digi peak, OP7, team of 3)

Yeah, I have gotten 2-3 in recent peak runs.

Thanks for confirming, all. Will keep going. And going. And going…

Im playing solo level 72 no op and I got it on like my 10th try…am I lucky?

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