Hellfire or Avenger?

I’ve had a Hellfire a couple of times, enjoyed it and I’m considering farming another one. The reason I don’t know if it’s worth it is that I already have a pearl Refill Avenger. Does anyone have any experience with the two? How do they compare? I’ll probably go there for loot midgets anyway and I pass Scorch …

Depends on the character really. I’d use hellfire for mobbing and aveneger for raids this does come from an Axton point of view

The avenger is pretty much a weapon for reload-throw at raids, both it’s damage-per projectile as well as its DPS are lackluster compared to the hellfire, not only for the hyperion barrel on the avenger but aswell as the hellfire having splash damage.

The Hellfire is pretty straight forward but here’s this on the Avenger.

Axton avenger for raids, everyone else hellfire IMO


Well the hellfire can only come in fire, Avenger can come in anything… So…
Hellfire for the fire slot and Avenger for corrosive.
The slag and shock come easily with other weapons.

I can only assume you don’t want a min/max debate from me though.

I think Krieg can use both Avenger and Hellfire well depending on his builds.

I got my Hellfire this morning after killing Scorch about 30 times … It does 2.1 million damage boosted by my bee shield per shot and has that ridiculous amount of fire damage added to it. I didn’t even need to slag enemies and killed them in a few shots. The avenger does 1.3 million BUT it regenerates my ammunition so I’ll keep both. I prefer the Hellfire though.

The Hellfire just melts mobs. It’s like a fire Plasma Caster but better. It is fire-only, which does hurt it a bit, but most of the super strong enemies are flesh anyway.

I can’t vouch for the Avenger though. The first time and only time I got an Avenger as Krieg, it fell through the floor when I dropped it. :<

Here’s a question. How good is the Avenger on Maya? I know Krieg and Axton can make crazy use of it. Do the ridiculous damage buffs from Cat COMs affect the Avenger’s special bullets?

If you are using maya hellfire all the way with a legendary cat class mod. I really didn’t find the avenger to be too useful I mean the ammo regen is nice but the weapon isn’t that great I almost never got the reload to kill anything. Keep in mind pearls aren’t that easy to get unlike the hellfire.

I don’t really like Tediore weapons in general. I have a habit of reloading between kills which is actually a smart tactical move for any other brand of weapons … I waste a lot of ammo with Tediore weapons that way. Their shotguns are practically useless because the throws never hit what I try to hit with them. This was the first pearl weapon I’ve had from many, many hours of playing (level 50 Salvador, level 58 Maya and Level 72 Axton) so I definitely won’t sell it but I would have rather had a Maliwan SMG or Vladof sniper rifle.

The majority of the pearls are absolute garbage when compared to other legendary weapons of the same type.

The SMG’s in borderlands 2 are definitely more suited for maya with a cat class mod with slag. You really do need slag to do any significant damage to anything other than weak mobs. Especially in the op levels so if you spec right with a legendary cat class mod you will melt everything with the hellfire. If you want a reliable tediore smg go for the e-tech ones because they have a much higher dps output and a reliable reload.

Is the Avenger the IVF?

No - the Baby Maker is the IVF

Have you got a corrosive infinity I can have? Oh please

Sorry - I’m on PC - it looks like you’re on XB ( and no would be the answer as I only have one! :grin: )

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the Hellfire is essentially just an above-average Maliwan SMG (which, being a Maliwan, is still really good), whereas the Avenger is better for characters like Axton and Krieg who can Tediore-chuck beautifully.

Overall, I’d say Hellfire for Maya and Gaige, Avenger for Axton and Krieg, and Sal and Zer0 can use both to some degree of effectiveness.

the hellfires dot paired with grog nozzle during gunzerking may be a kind of low live safer on situations like when you firing on master gee with her and he throws his powerful tomahawks on you.