Hello i have a problem about Borderlands VIP website Profil

Hello, i hope i’m in the right channel, if not i’m sorry and sorry for my English if i dot some mistakes.

So here it’s my problem.
When i’m longing in the website Borderlands VIP, and go in my account to see how many trophies i make they said to me, i have only +1000 trophies, but the problem is 1 week before since now i have check my account to see if i can get more trophies doing some stuff like watching videos etc… and at this time i was at +6000 trophies, and i don’t know why now i’m at only +1000 trophies.

I don’t know if you can see what’s happen about my account with your program but if you can and told if there is a problem and if i can have +6000 trophies back.

So thanks,
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If there isn’t a support page or contact on the VIP web site itself, I would suggest you contact gearbox support through this link:


Under “Games:” choose the “Other” option.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a support area for the VIP program on the forums.
(Moving to a somewhat better location since this isn’t really a news post.)

When you are on your profile page, what do you have on the “completed activities” list? It contains the whole history of gaining and using points.

Hmm how do you have over 6000? I have 4200 and have done everything (except link to Facebook; I don’t do Facebook).

I wonder, do you get points for pre-ordering? I pre-ordered a Collector’s Edition - maybe since that’s done direct from 2K it doesn’t register? My 2K account is linked so it should - maybe this is a bug?

ETA - Yeah I figured out I hadn’t actually done some things, up to 4700 now. Hadn’t thought about inviting people either, heh (thanks GrzesPL :slight_smile: ) .

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You can gain additional points for inviting people - 25 invites lifetime, 500 points each. I have 4,5k from invites, 10,3k total right now.

Hello thanks for all your answer, thanks for the link of support gearbox i will do it straight with this link, yes but now he contains nothing inside like if i just create the account so it’s weird,

I’ve got more point because i send my link for some friends to join the Borderlands VIP they give you +500 points if one of your friend create an account with your link.

i dont have pre order the game yet so i don’t get some points from the pre order.

You’re lucky. I can’t even get a single point to register in the VIP rerwards scheme. Put in a request for help to Gearbox support. Six hours and waiting

Just so you know, the support desk has been extremely busy the last week or so. It may take a few days to get a response at this time.

A few days? The reveal is in less than one day. Funny how it took less than five seconds to take my money…Why is it that other people are getting points and sharing ways of doing it and the system doesn’t even register a single point for me? I have over 850 hours on Steam in Borderlands 2. I played the hell out of Borderlands on disk. For something so fundamental to a fan to go so horribly wrong is a bit worrying. Am I even going to be able to play the game?

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I’m just trying to give you a realistic sense of when you might hear back from the support desk. I’m sorry, but if there’s an issue with your account/profile only the support desk can actually help you with that.

Thanks VaultHunter101, but that’s not good enough from Gearbox support. There are people who are discussing on this forum how best to get the most VIP points and I (and others you can see) are scratching our heads about why the system has failed. Thank you for replying, but if the Borderlands 3 shift system is going to be a clusterfuck like this I will be asking for my money back under Australian consumer law.

Try this code and check if it gives you +100 points.

Borderlands VIP Code for 100 points: BL3REVEAL

I’m sure that gearbox are keen to resolve any issues: they don’t want anyone to feel like they missed out!
I have to say, though, that submitting a ticket doesn’t guarantee a fix- but it does give them more info to work from.
In the past, where folks have lost items or rewards gained through shift, they are usually recoverable via the support desk, but these things can often take time to resolve. They need to work out what’s going wrong, and then come up with a reliable and repeatable solution.
In terms of response time, if you’re in a non-US timezone you might have to figure that into the equation.

Thanks VaultHunter101. I got the issue solved thanks to the kind people in the gearbox forums. *facepalm Will trouble you no longer. Appreciate the reply . :smiley:

Awesome! 100 more points added to my account! Thanks! :grin:

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Hello I registered recipe vip, I got 1500 pts, so I order 10 keys for borderlands 2, I received the message on my profile as it was validated but no key in play available

Can somebody help me to link my PS4 acc to the VIP program

If you’re unable to link your accounts through the website, you’ll need to file a support ticket