Hello? Is anyone out there? lol looking for people to play with

Playing on Xbox one tired of playing by myself anyone down to play, just let me know

I’ll play. I’m a Siren level 69. And some other characters. My by is RAN6ER18

I have a 42 zero, don’t mind do you? And a 26 fragtrap in tps

I have a level 34 commando. What’s your by?

*gt sorry

FYI, just in case you didn’t already know. If you are playing BL2 and are in UVHM, enemies will scale to the level of the highest level player in your group. So, you probably want to play BL2 UVHM with people very close to your level.

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If anyone here is in op8 mind shooting me an invite. Just playing for fun, gt v Mictian

Im down! Xr3dn3ckxbi0cha
The I might be a 1