Hello. My name is Nunya and I'm a Hoarder

While I used to hoard various level weapons and such for other characters as they leveled up, I’m now ditching those for whatever lvl 57 Legs I find. I haven’t played as long as a lot of people, so I really don’t know what works best with which build for whatever character.

But it doesn’t matter, I want it all. I have to have all of it. I NEED everything!

I need help.


The following are some resources that can help you figure that out.


yeah I have these bookmarked and also open on separate pages on my phone lol

I fear the OP suffers the same affliction as myself.

I must have ‘the thing’ even if I have no use for it. Have had to be brutal to make space for the 57 gear. I only run 2 mains and I am already filling up my bank :smiley:

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What platform are you on?

I’m on PC.
While the guides are incredibly useful, I’m one of those that hate leaving things, like legendarys, just laying on the ground.

But i will certainly review those builds just to get a better idea what to keep.

Lol I thought you were setting up a “Nunya Business” joke there :rofl:

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From hoarding weapons to hoarding legs… I’m pretty sure that’s an episode of Criminal Minds! :wink: