Hello New Player here

New player here i now i am late for this game but when i see discount i immediatly purchase it just want to join the community and ask some question to better players time to time

but for now i am just gonna ask what brand of assault rifle you think to best i am playing as axton as a secon character and i think jacobs not cover the assault rifle format and i am not a elemental damage person just wanna shoot stray bullets with high accuarcy and suggest,on

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Jakobs, Vladof, and Torgue assault rifles are all good for your first play-through in different ways. That said, don’t feel you have to stick to ARs only just because you’ve decided to choose a recon-style approach. Higher rarity scoped Jakobs ARs are like mini-sniper rifles. There’s a minigun/spinigun barrel that can show up on a couple of different manufacturers, and can be quite powerful.

Since you’re new, you may find this resource helpful:

There’s more about weapons and parts here (although I wouldn’t really worry about all that stuff just yet - have fun learning the game, worry about the loot system and weapon parts later!):


I find the best weapons at the start of a new character are elemental pistols and sniper rifles. A couple of early quests rewards are pretty nice (for when you get them) for Sniper Rifles, and they’re very effective while you’re leveling in those early areas. For example, the Hammerlock reward for the Bad Hair Day side quest lasted me until around level 12, when I got a different rifle.

A Fire pistol (look for the Maliwan ones called Aegis), while a little ammo hungry, can be useful for the larger bullymongs you have to deal with early on, and I usually end up with one just from world drops. They’re useful.

As @VaultHunter101 says, I wouldn’t limit yourself to just assault rifles, you have very limited ammo for every weapon in early game, it’s sensible to always have one of each weapon type in your backpack for emergencies. If you can find a green rarity Torgue assault rifle, you will find that useful, especially for your first encounters with shielded Nomads.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the game, I know we all do :slight_smile:

I would stick with Jakobs early on, when you have little to no skill points. Non-elemental guns have ~20% more damage, the penalty to armor is almost none in the first playthrough and they crit harder.
Torgue end up being better once you get some grenade damage boost and Dahl are generally good, and should be better than Jakobs once element matching start to matter and you have a elemental relic.

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On the topic of Dahl, I completely forgot. You can get two great weapons for free and both are Dahl, the Lascaux and the Gwen’s Head. I won’t spoil anything for you but if you want them look them up (or ask here).

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Early in the game, you have a wide choice of useful weaponry, try a lot of things out and see what you like.

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I always head for and pick this one up. IMO one of the better early game SMG’s. And it doesn’t rust considering its laying in a pool of water in a cave (just a slight hint):wink:

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in my sight the best gun is jackobs pistols and then the shotgun. but later on u might need to get a bandit or hypiron gun.

it’s easy to want to use ARs with Axton, thanks to his Overload and Mod buffs but the truth is unless you find a particularly good AR (i.e. blue-tier or higher), it isn’t worth valueing them over other weapons

ARs are generally the worst weapons in the game, I really think that
usually using SMGs is better, Axton has a great Mod that boosts SMG accuracy and also Duty Calls skill, if you find it like I did you probably won’t be using ARs much at all anymore

As a person who would use ars exclusively if I had a large enough ammo pool. For a new player I suggest Jakob’s or dahl. Specifically the Gatling gun or Minigun. Carbines, defenders and double tap rifles work well up to uvhm. Even past that with the right build and strategy. But mind you with grenade damage boosting skills he excels with torque ars. So the torpedo and spitters work great. He also he overload and metal storm to boost mag size and fire rate to cover low ammo mags and slow fire rates.

The only problem here with duty calls is that it’s non elemental. I understand that you like it because ne guns seem more powerful because of the weapon card but it limits you to ne only. I used to use that skill but it killed overall dps late TvHm and all of uvhm . For nvhm it’s great to use but it tapers off in value in tvhm

In my opinion the only good skill down the gunpowder tree past tier 3 is do or die. Duty calls is meh . And nuke is gear and build specific. Ranger is a joke.

yeh I stopped using Duty Calls in UVHM, as elemental weapons become a must in this mode

I still do rate Ranger though, I know am minority in this respect

With all due respect- even if you aren’t going with an explosive build- Impact, Metal Storm, Steady, Longbow Turret and Battlefront are all good to great skills (depending on if you are focusing on using your turrets to kill or just as a temporary distraction). Even Expertise can be handy as there is a weapon glitch that Axton can use to make his movement speed truly ridiculous (and even w/o the glitch I still make use of the skill by investing 3 points in it). I’ve maxed out the above skills with my level 72 Axton and they do a great job of keeping him alive, if I do say so myself. :slight_smile:

I think you might have misunderstood what I said previously. I think the top 3 Lvls of the gunpowder tree are great. Now tier 4 is duty calls or do or die. Where do or die is preferred. Tier 5 is ranger. And finally nuke. Tier 5or6 I could generally care less for but that’s just my preference.

OK- so you were talking about where the skills fall in the skill tree as opposed to the skills themselves? Got it, thanks. :vulcan_salute:

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Not trying to make anybody upset man. Just making it clear what I meant

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