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Evening Homeworld boards. I’ve always been a RTS fan, but never got a chance to play the original series. I’ve heard the battling is in space and 3d (go below/above things) and it sounds wonderful. I’ve heard there’s another game that won’t/can’t be remastered called cataclysm.

Now I am 100% planning to buy the remaster shortly after it’s released (just to make sure it’s not buggy, I like you gbx but the slow speed of patch fixes for TPS has put me off of a pre-order) and am curious to know about cataclysm because if I’m enjoy the first two I will play it and will pick up an old copy on ebay if there’s no plans for it being redone.

Cataclysm was a ‘stand alone expansion’ produced on the HW1 engine, done by the original writing team but with otherwise different team as far as I know. It diverges from both HW1 and 2 in pretty much every way to one degree or another, and opinion is wildly divided on if it’s worth playing or not. I’m in the pro-cataclysm camp, but it definitely has flaws.

Cool! I’m not really asking what it is though. If I enjoy the series I will play it for myself! What concerns me is that it’s not in the remaster and I can’t find anything about a newer version of it. All I can find is the claim that the source code got lost and it can’t be remade. I was posting here since it’s GBX forums, they are the ones who can set me straight on this.

Thanks for your response though!

Ah, I misunderstood then. Everything I’ve seen matches with what you’ve heard so far. They’ve got the rights, but not the sources. Alas.

It’s understandable! From all I’ve seen so far I’m going to enjoy this series. Hopefully the multiplayer will include a players stomp the computer mode and I shall have fun creating stomping games!

Compstomps have been possible in every game in the series so far, and should be possible still! Us modders will hopefuly be able to expand the options there to boot.

Yay for compstomps! You are a beautiful and wise person!

Compstomp as in ‘MP Humans vs CPU - teams’? Yeah - you can do that - just throw the poor CPUs onto their own team. Though, they can be rather mean :wink: I guess this would be our form of ‘Co-op’?


Thanks for the conformation. Any word on a remastered version of cataclysm? If I enjoy the originals, I plan to buy it either way, but I literally can find nothing but rumors saying it’s impossible. Official word on it would be nice so I don’t buy a used copy, jump through the hoops to get it working on a newer computer only for it to come out with a current version and have to buy it all over again.

Nothing a huge wall of mines can’t handle.

Hi thefaceofboe,

You can pre-order the game, it has a good price, given you’re actually getting 4 games at once.

About Cataclism, this lost source code is mythology: Gearbox is ABLE to remake it, if desired.

I believe right now (and months to come), you won’t get anyone to answer it because they are focused to make things right with the basics. It’s bad PR to raise expectations if you haven’t nailed priorities yet.

We can only hope HWRE exceeds in sales and gets excellent feedbacks.

I’m betting you’re right, but I’m hoping that someone may reveal something. It would be nice to get an actual official take on it since I haven’t found any searching different terms on google. I won’t hate or boycott them or anything, but I’d definitely feel disrespected as a customer if I didn’t get an official word about if it can even be made.

I’ve seen the pre-order, but after TPS fixes have taken such a long time to come out, I think another round of waiting for things to be fixed would frustrate me way to much. Definitely a wait until after release purchase for me.

well ya chimas you can remake hw cataclysm and the hw 1 source code would produce a time savings but the fact remains you are still reengineering a game from observed behaviors. this is an effort that would take years of development and refinement to reproduce the results and even then the disparity will be tangible.

but ya we are probably never in the near future going to get an official statement out of gearbox in regards to cataclysm apart from that they have the original audio and that was it.