Hellshock on Moze

Piced one up today on a random drop in the Takedown.

Thing is like a HOSE…for a pistol no less.

A YouTuber claims it has splash and it seems to hit like it.

Anybody tried one??

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It’s on my list of things to test. Have you been able to determine whether it is splash?

The Hellshock does not deal splash damage.


Can confirm, no splash. Turned off all Guardian ranks, no skill points, no other gear, and compared damage with a +splash damage artifact. The damage was the same.

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I figured he was wrong…

But fellas…the thing hits HARD and fires FAST…pretty steady as well

It’s fun…I HATE the damn Maliwan charge up time but once it buildS up steam…look out!

the buff REALLY helped this one.

I just went through most of the Takedown…on M4 with just this Hellshock.

It may have splash on the ricochet, worth checking out.

Just tested, it doesn’t.


What may be interesting is whether or not the shock damage from the reflect gets the damage boost from StE, because the initial shot is fire damage. Also interested in how the reflected shot works with +125% incendiary damage for next two mags…

Only the fire damage will get the boost from StE, nothing tricky going on there.

As for the anointment, I’m not totally sure. I assume the initial projectile gets the 125% bonus, and the reflected projectile gets the 125% bonus.

Also can confirm with the others, there is no splash damage whatsoever with the hellshock. It can get the splash anointment but don’t be fooled by that, all maliwan guns can get it.

Even without splash, it’s a pretty decent option for Maliwan loyalty builds just on its fire rate, decent mag, and now damage. The moment I got one from Gigamind I had another go at him and it melted.

Yeah I had to tell K1ller6 or whatever YouTube dude that was that he was wrong, and it doesn’t do splash… “well why does the gun spawn with the annointment then?” Well, buddy, there’s a whole topic on the Gearbox Forums about it… :joy:


K6 is a pretty good guy…down to earth. Sometimes not the best informed but still a good guy.

I have known him since early BL2 days and his heart is in the right place.

I mean the latest craze…Moxsy had a build that he claimed he tested for HOURS and “was totally comfortable with every point spent in it”

With three in I Can’t Carry All These Grenades and virtually no expenditure in SS Bear and Scorching RPMs…while still hitting Short Fuse.

He’s fresh and he’s fun and he seems to sooooo enjoy what he is doing though…but let’s face it.

True knowledge comes from heavy testing and analysis…in these forums.


Absolutely agree. Moxsy and his Fire Hose build annoys me to no end haha. I just wish the YouTube guys would spend more time in the forums, actually read/participate in the sheer amount of testing that gets done here. Lots of misinformation on YouTube.


Just going to chime in that these forums are not the only place that there is good testing happening. There are some outstanding members in the Discord communities that do excellent testing and put together ideas that make their way here.

Blanket statementing Youtubers is also not fair, the most influential ones have no presence on these boards. There are however youtubers like ThiccFila and a couple of smaller channels that do chime in here and follow the discussions that happen on these boards.


OK…and you are correct…

But I don’t think I made a blanket statement…nor was anything bad what I said. It was an opinion of course.

I Like Moxsy and I like K6…and I especially like Thic and Lazy Data. I just think you have to go into vids with an eyes open approach. Not…“these guys are gospel” like I see a lot of people do.

Kind of the way one should approach all the MSM…good Lord help us…

Is it allowed to link the Discord communities you believe are knowledgeable? Or start a “other good sources of BL3 info” thread?

I trust your judgement in this…


There’s the Borderlands discord, which is probably the busiest: https://discord.gg/borderlands

Moxsy and the others each have their own discords as well.

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To be fair, a lot of them do it as a career. They make videos and stream like everyday, nobody wants to watch someone spend 8 hours shooting the Jack Dummy haha. I agree many of them aren’t the best resource for in-depth information rather than just entertainment for people.

Not all of them of course.

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Honestly I’m kinda miffed that most Maliwan weapons don’t in fact have splash damage as at least a variable modifier to roll on them. It rolls as a modifier on the Sickle for Vladof and makes it a shoe-in as one of Moze’s best ARs when it does, so why not for Maliwan’s weapons?


I friggin HATE the trigger delay…spinup of Maliwan.

Just makes me NOT want to use them.

And yet they are soooo powerful in many instances…Kybs Worth, Recursion…now HellShock

I’d love to switch to Dahl or Vladoff and be done with that mechanic…forever. but hell, Vladof has it on the Ion Cannon.

Not a fan…

I shoot regularly, real weapons…

I constantly laugh when I take my 9MM Walther Q5 Match pistol out and it actually goes BANG when I squeeze the trigger. What a pleasure…what a concept…lol


To Moxsy’s credit, he responds well to feedback so if you let him know on his Twitch channel, he’ll be receptive. I think he’s even working on a new Moze build as we speak.

I’m a fan of K6 and Moxsy. Most of the other streamers don’t do their due diligence to learn the game’s ins and outs, but these two try.

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