Hellwaker Metal Easter Eggs

I think it’s fairly common knowledge that the Hellwalker is also known as the Doom super shotgun. This in itself makes the weapon pretty metal, but there’s more than just that.

The red text “so my demons, your time has come” is a lyric from a song by Tesseract, a prog metal band. If you like progressive metal, check em out.

My favorite, however, is the sound the gun makes. It sounds like a guitar of course. If you fire it many times however, it changes slightly. Mostly it plays a quick staccato power chord, but it also plays a chord that starts slightly bent and resolves back to the original chord…slightly longer. In very basic music terms its a flat second resolving back to the root note. On guitar you achieve this by bending the note slightly, striking the string and then releasing the bend. Anyway, all that just to say it’s the same way the guitar riff in the Pantera song “Walk” is played.
The Hellwalker plays the same intervals as the main riff to Pantera’s “Walk” which makes sense givin it’s name. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what I hear.

Pretty cool stuff.

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