Hellwalker Shotgun

Anyone have a speedy reload hellwalker ? Level 50? I’ll trade you something for it if need be

What platform you on? I’ve got a spare on PC.

PS4 :frowning:

Ah well, best of luck finding one!

I’ve got like 3 of them I could trade you but I’m on Xbox. Good luck to you.

Moved you to the right spot.

Do you have a rough rider with movement speed or radiation flakker?

No :frowning:

I have burning flakker

How about a cryo Echo or cryo\corr cutsman?edit: Echo in cryo or corr.

Have yet to see either of those

Ive got one Action Skill annointed. Got any Gunner/Siren gear?

I have a speedy reload hellwalker anointed
Do you have diluvian firestorm?

i have one what do you have to offer?

psn nd4eva

What’re you looking for

do you have any zane or fl4k mods? otherwise any good artifacts? idk

I have grave
Snowdrift white elephant
Loaded dice

Anointed hellwalker with+75% status chance and damage after action skill and another with +25%crit damage after action skill
Anointed rad Jericho with the next 2 mags have +50% burn

I have a rough rider with movement speed
Do you have a diluvian firestorm

yeah i have diluvian