Hellwalker sucks on zane

I got a level 72 with the barrier annointment thats buffs crit damage and accuracy but so far this weapon does nothing sure it will kill the small enemies in one shot but everything else takes 12 shots to down a annointed enemy why is he so weak with this gun and yes i know you can give it to the clone and it melts but i hate the clone tree.Has zane been nerfed to much because i used to use the same setup a destroy everything with this gun my fl4k can destroy everything with this gun and i am not talking about 3 shot or fade away gamma burst fl4k can kill with this weapon easily so why is zane so weak with this thing.

Hellwalker is a beast with cryo sntl

give it to your clone… it won’t suck :wink:

also my go to weapon for ruiner farming :smiley: (takes a few seconds to kill it and most of that time is running towards him haha)

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Depends a lot on your build, but barrier crit (or barrier in general) isn’t really the way to go.

Mine seems to work pretty good with a hustler or a executer mod.

Works just fine with a Cold Bore build, but it’s hard to boss with it (without using Seein’ Dead or something silly). I run Barrier / Drone on my main, with two Hellwalkers and Cold Bore. I can do everything but bosses with ease. If I swapped out my Executor for Seein’ Dead bossing would probably be a breeze.

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I think it’s just your anointment choice is really bad, try an anoint that gives another element like drone cryo or ASE N2M

The Hellwalker is just a gun with great stats, it shouldn’t be much better or worse on any char. The anointment may be one issue (although it’s not like barrier crit is bad by any means) but more than likely you just have better gear for the gun on your FL4K.

Do you have shotgun damage, Jakobs crit, elemental damage, etc…?


Hellwalker with 130% increase in damage on clone swap is my go-to gun. As previous posters wrote, might be a skill choice or gear issue.

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For me this gun has sucked regardless of who uses it–never understood why people like it. Whether it’s Zane, Moze, etc. it does nothing.

That being said and to echo another post, give it to Zane’s clone–that does tons of damage. I normally give the clone a sand hawk but after 3 million tries I cannot get a level 72 incendiary sand hawk so when I want fire I give the clone the hellwalker.

in the clone’s hands it’s used as a machine gun :rofl:

and seeing how accurate the clone is, it’s just a good choice (there’s probably better but like you said, for fire damage it’s the easiest to obtain)

What are you comparing it to? It’s been my go-to on Moze for everything not armoured for a long time until I got an on-level OPQ. But comparing anything to an OPQ (or plasma coil for that matter) hardly seems fair.

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I’ve been enjoying it at lower levels with amara (around 50) but with my high level moze it’s never done much for me. For the first couple play throughs it’s not bad, and an easy farm.

It’s good for close-range encounters, but the spread can be a bit stifling. As for it taking 12 shots to down an anointed enemy… that’s like 3 seconds with the HW, and anointed enemies are known for being tanky, stupid with immunity phases, and teleporting, so I’m not sure what you’re expecting?

With Zane? Lol this gun is a MONSTER on every character if you can crit consistently, not even talking that with this anointment and Zane’s accuracy buffs it becomes a freakin sniper. You should not expect it to do exceptionally well without any other gear supporting it tho : your class mod needs to have either or crit and shotgun dmg ( executor, seein dead, spy, hustler are the first I have in mind), your artifact has to be as much god rolled as it possibly can ( mag size is mandatory there, so the hellwalker has 2 shot mags), a revolter shield makes it MUCH more powerful ( but even with a frozen heart easy crits its reliable).

Hellwalker packs an unbelievable wallop, it hits like a train on those crits, try a bit harder on optimizing your usage of it, your build and gears and it won’t disappoint anymore


I personally don t find the hellwalker as extraordinary as most people say it is, but it works fine, with the main limitation of being fire only and not very efficient without extra elements against shield and armor. Concerning the particular case of Zane sporting a Hellwalker with barier anoint it is manageable however you need to be very consistent with your aiming to crit all the time, Fl4k megavore probably made your life a lot easier.

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Which is why everyone keeps saying to use the clone. The clone aims better and shoots faster. If anyone is that married to the barrier (I’d use it more if Distributed Denial actually worked), use them both. With Fractal Frags and/or Deterrence Field, you’ll be able to keep enemies close, but not too close, AND strip those shields.

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Still don’t know why i didn’t ditch the green tree earlier :sweat_smile:

It’s just not that great :rofl:

And even i never ever used DD :rofl: i never liked any shield that actually worked with it

Oh yeah lol I forgot with it being a 2 shot n2m only works on it with fl4k since they can easily keep it refilled