Hellwalker sucks on zane

Im blue red purple tree. 0 green. Hellwalker is insane on Zane. U need the blue tree. That twoshots skill bottom rightish And purple a little bit. Cannon procs next 5 shots to be double etc.

I am using a crit setup with this its just not doing enough damage like i have said its a beast with all other vault hunters but zane for some reason it is not getting enough crits i think that barrier annoint is bugged with this weapon because the accuracy is there the circle shrinks alot but the headshots are not saying crits i have tried every class mod with shotgun damage its still terrible on zane but if you give to the clone he sure as hell has no problems with it lol.

N2M sucks on the hellwalker unless using fade away fl4k he has no problem using this gun i just dont understand why there is such a big damage change with this gun it works great on my amara on moze its not perfect but it does do work zane is the only one that struggles with this gun they must have nerfed zane way to much for the hellwalker not to do much.

Wouldn’t hustler be much better with jakobs guns? I’m just asking, I haven’t tested it myself and I’m curious.

@OP: You need to make full use of violent momentum for maximum potential. Alternatively, you can focus on purple tree and our man flynt capstone (maybe even the legendary com that grants +1 point into it for even more damage) and go for crits. A combination of blue and purple tree is probably the best. All you need is all rounder from green tree and everything else goes into purple and blue. With the new skill cap, you should be able to build that.

Headshot not saying crits? then you have a bug problem , I tried yesterday Zane with blue/green tree s setup and a hellwalker with barrier crit/accuracy the anoint works fine, crits are indicated and I had some mighty ricochets and yes crits do pack a more than respectable punch in this setup.

To narrow the possible origin of the problem, have you tried another weapon with the same setup (same tree and equipment) to see if crits register correctly?

I never used barrier anoint in my life. Well ran it and l didnt like my numbers.

But i aint no expert. Also ppl said never use asa 200 n i used it and got 800k crits with a 57 no pewpew.

All the anoints are weaker now… But my hellwalkers asa 100 now/clone swap damage.

If i play ima test out how my damage is again with it.

Honestly haven’t used Hustler. I don’t know if it’s out of idiocy at this point, but I’ve been trying to make green / blue “work” since release, with vanilla COMs.

I’m levelling a second Zane for different builds, so will see how that turns out!

every other gun I use has been way better for me–light show, hellshock, tizzy, sand hawk, monarch, plasma coil, reflux, etc. At lower levels or lower mayhem levels it’s great, but at MH 10 max level I’ve just never gotten much utility out of it.

well, it’s a shotgun haha it’s realy just an “in your face” kinda weapon (i generaly never use shotguns)

but like me and others already said, give it you your clone and it becomes stupidly broken :rofl: (just try it haha)

yeah, with the clone it’s great and I’ve been using it on him when I want incendiary damage until I find an incendiary sand hawk.


To my knowledge Hustler gives pseudo crits. They won’t benefit from the extra Jalobs crit damage or any other crit damage bonuses in your build. Pretty sure they will still ricochet though which I guess is nice. Probably not a great com for Hellwalker overall though.

It also does a lot of damage for something without splash, which tends to kill the clone if enemies get too close.

Decided to do a very quick M8 showcase on the Hellwalker. No clone, just Dome / Clone, an Executor COM and Cold Bore.


how much damage is due to the gun itself vs. the cryo–the freezing seems to be the key.

Cold Bore’s doing a lot of heavy lifting, but the same could be said for any build. The build always does a lot of heavy lifting, for anyone playing the game.

I have a Light Show, it doesn’t kill enemies easily with this build. I have a Plasma Coil, it doesn’t kill enemies with this build (I mainly use it to strip shields of the Badass Tinks’ turrets). The build works best with weapons that do a lot of damage in one hit, and relies on weapon swapping a lot.

At the end of the day, I can kill Badass Ice Skags just as well as I can kill Badass Fire Skags, so how the damage is weighted between the weapon’s damage and Cold Bore’s damage is pretty even.

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yes I agree with Gorbles, I use 5 points in cold bore+ one shotter shield + ice breaker relic it is really nice with hellwalker barrier crit.

Yeah the rowans call works very good but unlike the hellwalker setup it crits when i get a headshot this is my favorite weapon on zane right now it shreds anything.