Hellwalker with Alacrity

Oh man you guys need to try this out. Easiest way for me to describe it is it’s reminiscent of jack and the flayer/glitched Jacobs in the presequel

So it’s worth respeccing to get points in alacrity now? The difference is that significant?

With the latest hotfix, Alacrity is actually working as intended, so yeah, it’s working really well now.

Anyone know how well Awakening is working with Alacrity, Do Harm, and Tapestry? Also what about the phasezerker mod?

I’m literally firing the gun as if it’s a fully automatic it looks like it’s completely skipping the reload animation it’s so fast

If it’s working as intended now, since it scales with rush stacks and consumed rush stacks, I’d imagine reload time is practically nonexistent with some phasezerker stacking, but it would be really cool to see a demonstration of it fs

I played this about a week ago and it was crazy fun and also efficient even without Alacrity. It should be way more powerful and easier to gear for now that Alacrity works. I just slapped on a Hellwalker, Band of Sitorak (with nova on depletion), Phasezerker (Shotgun damage and reload speed), a relic with more reload speed and the follow skills setup and called it the Unstoppable Doom.

Mindfulness pretty much removed the Band of Sitorak’s recharge delay so that it was fully recharged in less than a second. In a perfect scenario I had novas going off every second or two and Remnant overkill orbs flying all over the place while the Hellwalker made short work of beefier targets.

Will definitely have to try this out when I get a hold of that shield. Do you have a backup weapon you use? Hellwalker chews through ammo in the slaughter. Can make it through 3 wave rounds but it’s tough to have any ammo left by round 4 or 5

Yeah, I used the Face-puncher as a backup and when running low on shotgun ammo I quickly switched to it, shot one enemy and had a full ammo pool again thanks to a Bullet Vamp artifact.

My b, I thought the secondary reload scaled with how many consumed rush stacks you have like do harm, and wasn’t just fixed to how many you consumed in the moment, but wouldn’t it still work with both the 25 rush stacks in use and the 25 you just “consumed”? Because even with that, it’s still a massive reload speed buff.