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I’m level 36 when i go and farm for The Unkempt Harold and The Infinity pistol the levels of the enemy’s are between 6 - 10. How do i make it so the enemies are around my 36 level. I got 2 guns when i farmed 1 was level 6 and the other was level 9 which are no good since i’m level 36…lol. All of the other maps have the same level as me except these 2.

Thanks for the help

You’ll need to make sure you’re in True Vault Hunter Mode, which is the second play through after Normal. Go to the Main Menu, select Characters, then select your individual character and it’ll offer you the option to choose True.

You’ll need to play through the story again at that level in order to reach Doc Mercy and Savage Lee, although you’re a bit overlevelled so it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you stick in normal mode the loot will always drop at the level the boss is when they first appear.

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As Hattie said, you won’t get the loot in NVHM scaling up to your level. If you feel the need for level 36 gear but haven’t completed main story yet, the final two DLCs (Hammerlock and Tiny Tina) both scale to 35 in normal mode, so you could hit those for loot if you haven’t already.

In TVHM, you can get Medical Mystery (for Doc Mercy) around level 33-36. Lee will be farmable for a Harold after you complete The Road to Sanctuary (level 32-35).

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