Help. ADS/gunzerking bug

My Gunzerker died so I know something’s up. Upon further playing I noticed I can’t gunzerk or quickscope properly. I can’t press and hold mouse1 and mouse2 simultaneously or in quick succession. During gunzerk only 1 gun will fire, and I’m not talking about moneyshot chaining bug. If I try to ADS and shoot, I only either ADS, or shoot, but not both. I need to “re-click” to shoot. Happens like 50-70% of the time, and on all other characters. It’s not my mouse or computer because I don’t have that problem on other games. I have the Handsome Collection and the Commander Lilith DLC and I play on Mac. Anyone else having this issue?

Check that the game settings didn’t get messed up some how. Under Gameplay there’s “Weapon Aim Toggle” (mine says “Off”) and “Gunzerking Autoswitch” (mine says “No”). There’s also different controller presets which can affect things.

If there’s nothing there immediately obvious, and toggling the settings doesn’t work, you might need to file a support ticket

(Moving to tech support)

I tried your suggestion and it didn’t work. I’ll try reinstalling. If it doesn’t get fixed, I’ll submit a report. Thanks.