Help/advise wanted please!

I’ve just completed borderlands 2 and all DLCs through on true vault hunter mode and didn’t get a single orange/unique weapon at all?!!!
The first time I played through, in normal obviously, I got at least one unique per DLC??
Can someone please throw some advice and tips my way.
Many thanks

Most uniques are quest rewards. Some, like the Lascaux and Gwen’s Head, are practically thrown into your path.

Take a look at the wiki list to see where they can be gotten:

As for legendaries, that’s just bad luck - but not uncommon to get no drops in a single play through. Most legendaries are dedicated drops and have a fixed 10% drop rate. We can all say from experience that this can sometimes mean farming - say Boll - 30 times before getting a Fastball.


To add to that, this is a BL2-specific list of… well, the title says it all really!

Any side quests you have not yet accepted will scale to level 50 after defeating the Warrior, at which point you can go back and try and get a few in the elemental flavour you prefer.


In the tiny tina dlc you can get a decent amount of items from buttstalion in the middle of flamerock Refuge , Handsome Sorcerer drops 5 Different legendary’s if you can kill him. so he has a random chance to drop 1 legendary or farm the necromancer dude s.
Torgue dlc can be farmed for easy legendary’s pyro pete and the final boss plus tokens from bar room brawl .
Captain Scarlette should give you sandhawk and there is 2 raid bosses from there

Big game hunt has several uniques that you can get from killing dexiduious
and Edit: Voracidous and seraph crystal’s

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Hi there, thank you. The first time I did the evil sorcerer there was one amazing shotgun etc and a couple of blues and purples etc ; the second time in TVHM nothing just a couple of greens?
It was like that on every DLC and the warrior too!

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Just in case your wondering the warrior and Handsome sorcerer have the same loot pool. If you take anybody’s advise i would rather have you ask @VaultHunter101 Because he can help you more than i can with this issue. And the spider boss is refarmable .

The amazing shotgun was probably the Conference Call

There’s a couple of issues with the Warrior/Handsome Sorcerer loot pool. One is that items can glitch into physical objects on the map (for Warrior quite often the moonshot console, but also the lava ). The other is that the loot pool appears to include the heads. So you should in theory get one legendary on the story mission kill, and that is usually the case. But every so often you get really unlucky with the roll/drop location.

With the others, I don’t think it’s a guaranteed drop on the story mission kill. For example, in Hammerlock DLC you are not guaranteed the Yellow Jacket plasma caster in the armoury at the end.

I’ve started several new characters and taken them into UVHM recently, and I saw not one drop from the warrior for 6 consecutive playthroughs. As has already been said,

Or even more. I’ve gone up a level or two farming Boll for Fastballs and Savage Lee for Harolds in UVHM. And everything you’ve heard before I chimed in is true and accurate, so don’t let it get you down.

As far as advice goes, if you’re planning on taking a character into UVHM don’t get hung up on fancy gear. Going into it at level 50 with on level gear is far more beneficial than having potentially underleveled top gear is. Assuming you have all DLC, which is the case if you have the Handsome Collection, you can start UVHM by doing the Mercenary Day DLC (Marcus’s Mercenary Shop in the Fast Travel menu) and have a good source of on level gear at your disposal if RNGsus is being less than kind to you. If you don’t have the DLCs, or don’t plan to go through UVHM, then you can farm to your heart’s content for level 50 gear in TVHM. Just don’t let a drop drought discourage you. You’ll get the drops you want if you go at it long enough. We promise. And welcome to the forums. We’re here if you have any other questions or need help of almost any kind.


Easily the best source of rare on-level gear, not just a good one :wink:
Should you need shotgun, the Orphan Maker can be obtained some minutes into the Scarlet DLC and is one of the easier-to-get guaranteed uniques.


The only legendary gears I actively hit the train looking for are the first round legendary coms. Mostly I go there when I’m trying to fill a gap in my gear that has become apparent. Need a new slag gun? Maybe your corrosive sniper is getting a little long in the tooth. Or perhaps your shield is less effective these days. Those are my main uses for the train. Got a nice new pearl or legendary? That’s just icing on the cake for me. If I want a specific drop, ie Fastball Harold Baby Maker, I go after the assigned loot source. I’m not saying you’re wrong, it’s just a bonus for me, not the main reason I visit.


Don’t worry, my reason to visit usually is because I need a new rocket launcher for my Commandos or something alike. And having 2 rocket launchers as guaranteed loot is a pretty good source. That my current Axton has pulled his third Legendary Soldier COM out of the boxes doesn’t hurt either…
But you are right in so far as one doesn’t visit Gingerton to get a new Harold. For the classic items I have a routine going to Three Horns Divide to farm Savage Lee (with luck twice) and Boll. With my current Maya I’ll add Frostburn Canyon for the RED chests and finally a Hellfire on level. I downed Scorch more than 2 dozen times now and got an underleveled one :smiling_imp:
Honestly I like playing the story arcs better than the farming part, but I’m not a very good player so I like to have some legendary guns to bring out whenever I hit a brick wall


Going to disagree with this, since it’s only worth using with 1 prefix that for most is pretty rare. At lvl cap i 100% agree with farming one, but not while leveling


I’m pretty sure that is what I said right here. :wink: :point_down:

So, if I want a Harold I go after Lee, a Fastball:Boll, Hellfire:Scorch, etc.

Same. I like to use a varied kit, but I always keep something shiny around for when my mediocrity really shines through.

I have to agree with @Piemanlee on the Orphan Maker. Farming for my forever ROM with Sal almost broke my spirit and I wouldn’t strap in for that again before Level Cap if I could avoid it. That, the Sandhawk, and the Fibber are guns I wouldn’t even bother with before max level just to avoid excessive dashboarding.


Reread my text you quoted, there is a “right” missing. Apologies.

Fixed that. That should convey that I agree.


No big deal. We usually do agree, so I assumed there was a typo/omission/some other sort of mistake going on there. :grin: