Help after I died

Died several times in a row and need places to farm my cash back, usually use gun collecting.

What level are you, and how far into the main story are you on your current play through?

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Easiest way to get cash in this game is to pick up everything and sell whatever you don’t plan to keep, which means opening every container you come across. Not only might you find the rare ‘legendary in a box’ but between all the stuff you find and sell your cash should be full again in no time. Also, it helps not to die so often…:grin:

Don’t worry about cash. As long as you can replenish your ammo you’re good to go. Just pick things up and sell them after each area to get cash back without going out of your way for it.

Some decent advice there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That kind of reminds me of that hilarious quote the guy in Opportunity announces. Something along the lines of:

“Here’s a list of things for you workers: Start dying less. Looks like that was all. Still, sound advice.”


If you can provide information on class, opposition, where you are in the game, and difficulty myself along with everyone and their brother can help you in keeping you from fertilizing Pandora’s soil so much.

I’m level 39 in second time around. I tried to defeat Wilhelm and Died. LOL
oh, and I’m playing Commando, not going Commando just playing the character. :grin:

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Ya that’s what’s i’ve been doing…:slight_smile: But I see some people with like millions and I can’t figure out how to get that much $$$

Gear level is tied to it’s worth in money. You’ve seen players on high levels who have sold high level gear. Seriously though, money aint’t an issue in this game. As long as as you can buy ammo you are good to go.

As for going commando, it’s a well known fact that you play Borderlands a lot better with no pants.


Do you have Captain Scarlett’s DLC? Great chest runs there, plus sometimes the ammo chests kick out a bunch of money. Do you have Tiny Tina’s DLC? You may not want to spend your Eridium on this, but the slot machines can dump a surprising amount of cash.

Farming bosses, especially on high levels. OP 4 Dragons can net you 4 million in just cash.

Easiest quick cash area by far is the Mercenary Day DLC. Once you clear the level just run to the tree and open all the boxes. If you can beat the boss easily you can also sell the loot train loot too.

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You could go re-run Bloodshot Stronghold. There are a good many money-containing uh … containers, I guess … in there. Wouldn’t grab the Splinter Group side quest, though. Save that for later.

Or run the Fridge. Crystalisks drop a metric crap ton of cash with their leg crystals (I measured, and yes, it IS metric because METRIC SYSTEM IS BEST SYSTEM). Farm them for a bit. Grab an Unkempt Harold from Savage Lee in Three horns Divide (will always spawn in the Marrowfield, and sometimes right behind the FT station and catch-a-ride as well, after you’ve gone through the mission quest there and reached Sanctuary).

For that matter, run Fink’s in the Fridge while you’re there. Bandits are pushovers anyway. By now you SHOULD be able to get DoubleUp on your turrets, giving them slag rounds and doubling their barrels up. Grab your favorite fire weapon or two, a slag grenade, and your hip waders, because it’s gonna be knee-deep blood in there. The missions pay, there’s plenty of green gear dropping, and did I mention that Bandits are complete pushovers? It may well be the easiest slaughter dome. Probably is. IS for me, anyway, and I suck at video games. :wink:

Yeah. Head to the Fridge. I did that earlier with a level 39 Gunzerker. The Rats and all seemed centered around a level 40-41, but the mission in Fink’s was level 39. Should be just right. And again, crystalisks LITERALLY bleed money.

Also, let me echo what others have said, and remind you that money is pretty unnecessary in this game. You’ll almost always FIND far better gear than you can BUY, so it’s really only good for buying healing (or grab a Moxxxi-theme weapon and kiss that woe goodbye) and ammo (and there are tricks to that, too).

ALSO, keep the following two things in mind regarding buying ammo…

1.) If you go to the vendor for ammo, get in the habit of BUYING first and THEN selling whatever loot you’re getting rid of. Not a big deal now, but when you’re riding high at $99,999,999 it makes a difference. May as well get in the right habits now. Which also means ALWAYS take extra gear to the vendor to sell, to offset the price of whatever you’re gonna buy. Even if it’s crap white-rarity gear, take SOMETHING to sell and get some of your money back. Which ALSO means, favorite the gear you’re gonna keep. If you replace it with something else, then favorite the replacement and unfave or even trash-mark the old stuff. Makes it simpler to keep it all straight at the vendor.

2.) There’s a better discussion of this elsewhere, but avoid opening ammo containers until a particular type of ammo is LOW (say, under 30% of your max capacity), and THEN open the containers. And when you do, open ALL of them around you before you take ANY of the ammo, so that your ammo is low EVERY time you open a container. You’ll get a LOT more ammo out of the containers that way.

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Have someone farm the Ancient Dragons for you. If you don’t want your level to increase then stay out of the game, Have them farm them say 5 times, then invite you in, if they do this on NVHM or TVHM (quickest), then this will give you a large amount of money and 440 Eridium[quote=“kgk4569, post:12, topic:1554713”]
OP 4 Dragons can net you 4 million in just cash.

as well as around 44 each of Eridium and Seraph Crystals per run (also again if your in the game you will level)

Where you are at right now, the best place to get money is go to Frostburn Canyon and just keep killing, opening containers, and selling everything. After each lap save and reload and start again. You’ll also get some great loot from the midgets. There are also 3 red chests in this area, so those will provide you with decent loot too.

Thanks for the info on opening chest for ammo, I never realized that before. Someone also asked if I had the Capt Scarlett’s DLC and I do not, sorry. I’m looking for a better shield mines like level 39 7746/1020 & 2.92 rates.

You can use Golden Keys and farm the Golden Chest! :smiley:

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Thanks for the info

Shields? Definitely use the golden chest for now. It’s the only thing that reliably scales with you until UVHM. But THEN…

What kinda shield ya want? :wink:

Adaptive? Neogenator, from Spycho in Frostburn Canyon (after completing Dr. Zed’s Monster Mash side quests).

Amp? The Bee, from Hunter Hellquist in Arid Nexus Boneyard (after some quest Mordecai gives you to kill him).

Absorb? The Sham, from BNK3R.

If you have the TRAoDK DLC, Bees literally grow on trees! And Antagonist from the Seraph vendor there.

Plenty of good stuff out there in blue/purple rarity. Sometimes in vendors, sometimes in red chests, sometimes as random/world drops.