Help and maybe some advice on my "perfect" OP8 loadout please!

I think I’m so close to completing what I consider to be the peferct set of gear for my Axton that I can almost smell it. I’m posting my set up in the hope of getting some advice on it and also…I’m on the scrounge for 3 guns to complete it please. lol

My skill points set up is an exact copy of nemesis_9201 who solo’d OP8 digi using just the Bekah (kudos to you fella!) and my BAR stats range from 38% gun damge down to 8% mellee, who needs mellee anyway lol! If someone can help me with a fire corporate or rightsizing Bitch, corrosive Shredifier and Boss Bekah with Dahl stock that would be awsome (mine has Jakobs stock, sigh), but apart from the guns all help and advice is wellcome!

Obviously all guns / gear are situational but I run with…

ARs - Bekah, Ogre, Kerbalster and fire Shredifier.
Pistols - Grog Nozzle, DPUH, Ladyfist and 2 infinities - good for minions.
Shotties - shock Interfacer, fire CC & Swordsplosion!
SMGs - shock Bitch, shock, corrode & fire Sand Hawks & a Slagga.
Snipes - shock, fire & corrode Lyuda.
RLs - shock Norfleet and explosive Bdaboom.

Shields - shock, fire, alkaline Bees, Antagonist and Blockade.
Grenades - Storm Front, homing Meteor Shower, Fire Bee, MMx4, CL & Caustic Leach.
Relics - all elements Bone of Ancients, Sheriffs Badge & Jakobs AR.
CM - Legendary Soldier.

What’s your opinion? Do you think the I’m missing anything, or am I on the right track?


Depends on your build but I love the little evi for the cool down rate on kills

Hey @dogstar13.

I moved your full post to the Axton section, as your far more likely to get people giving you their opinions there. Can I suggest though opening up a post in the trade section that lists specifically what you’re looking for. It’ll help the process along.

Unfortunately, there is no ‘perfect’ load out. It’s a subjective thing, so it helps to give criteria by which you’re defining ‘perfect’. My personal preferences include fire and corrosive Pimpernels near the top of the list, so my instinct is to ask, “where the Pimps at?!” Others may jump in with emphasis on Baby Maker, Avenger, etc.

Right now I’m having fun using a fire Brisk Avenger, Interfacer and Hail on Axton, with a shock Vengeful Infinity to deal with shields, Antagonist as the main shield and L. Soldier as the com- and an Explosive Fastball…

Indeed. Fun, versatility, sustained dps, burst dps, etc… all of these may be criteria weighed differently from player to player. One of my pet processes is finding single gear sets to complete the Peak without swapping any pieces out on the run. For example:

corrosive Pimpernel
Grog Nozzle
Legendary Soldier/Legendary Siren
corrosive Bone of the Ancients

I’ve used that same set for complete solo runs as Axton, and as Maya. To me, that is as close to ‘perfect’ as I’ve found. ‘Perfect’ here obviously means that nothing else is necessary.

You are definitely on the right track…

My 2 cents: I personally add more Moxxie’s and love Hails, Slow Hands and Kittens

Consider adding a Quesar, Slag O-Neg and a slag Crossfire…and get the Crossfire at the LOWEST level you can for safety (doesn’t affect the slagging power at all)

And try some of the DLC4 Coms…

My absolute favorites are Chaotic Neutral Ranger and Chaotic Evil Ranger. If you are a chucker…an Expert Veteran mod is a must.

Also…a lower level Logan’s gun and Sham or even a Transformer solves rocket ammo issues.

Transformer is also wonderful to protect against OP8 Surveyors.

Hey man, never even heard of this gun but after checking the wiki it looks like something I’ll try and pick up. Like you say the cooldown bonus looks pretty sick!

Yeah I love it on Axton it’s not op but if you run a turret heavy build than it’s great.

Hey thanks for that, I only play Axton so prob stick to this section, I don’t get much love in the trade section as it’s mainly powerlevel requests anyway!

What gear do you need I may be able to help

My original build was all damage but when I started OP I had to change, far too many deaths lol!
That’s when I changed to the build I copied from nemesis_9201, still loads of damage but a lot less glass cannon.

If you need gear and are on ps3 I should be able to help

Hey that would be cool if you can, I’m after a fire corporate or rightsizing Bitch, corrosive Shredifier and Boss Bekah with Dahl stock and if you have a spare Little Evie to try that would be awsome! No worries if you havn’t got em, appreciate the offer anyway!

I have a bekha and a ne bitch I can try and get u a little evie.

That is amazing, thanks so much! Is the Little Evie a farm? If it is just point me the right direction and I’ll a go farming!

Dlc 1 look up the bio shock Easter egg

I got a real self kill issue with Tediore guns lol! Like the idea of the ammo regen though, maybe I just need to try harder. Got a corrosive and explosive fastball but never realy tried them, they will be used later, cheers for the advice.

I loved Bio Shock, thanks man! Not got much to offer for the 2 guns you got but if you want any of this, it’s yours, all OP8.

Grounded Bee
Grounded Black Hole
Grog Nozle
Fire Sand Hawk
Nasty Ogre

The fastball is my favorite grenade.