Help and maybe some advice on my "perfect" OP8 loadout please!

Also the bee/black hole/ogre I’ll trade for my bekha and Bitch

Cool, I’ll trade those 3 for your 2 guns. Can do it now if your on? PSN dogstar13. Thanks again.

Sorry it’ll have to be tonight send me a fr

Cool, I’m UK based so now 7pm in the evening for me?

2 pm here we might have to wait till the weekend

No worries, I’ve been waiting ages to get these guns so a few more days aint gonna hurt! FR on the way dude.

Ok glad to help

Also if you can find the little evie tell me and I can try and farm another one.

Will do, cheers!

Ah crap, just noticed your on PS3, I’m PS4 and I’m also such a dumbass! Sorry for that but realy appreciate the offer and advice, off to get me a Little Evie tonight!

Yeah I get that, It’s why I said my perfect load out, It’s my opinion and that’s why I was looking for a bit of critique, allways good to get the view of gamers with more experience than me! Was late to the party, only started a month after THC was released, never played on PS3. I got 2 other snipes in the bank, 1 shock Pimp and a fire Pitchfork, on your advice I’ll replace shock Lyuda with the Pimp but in your opinion is the Pitchforck better than a Lyuda?

Hey man, thanks for your 2 cents, appreciated. Never thought of the crossfire but I’ll go for highest level 1st, when you got a meteor shower you sorta get used to getting the hell out of the way lol! Maxed out on seraphs so will try lower level too. Will keep an eye out for the CMs, do like the sound of Chaotic Evil Ranger!

I got a lvl 67 logans gun and 94% OP8 sham but they hardly ever come out, like the guns moe than the RLs in this game, I got nukems, badabooms, norfleets etc but TBH I hardly use em.

Had a hot kitten at lvl 72, love that gun, on my last playthrough an idiot friend took the mission at OP4 and as much as I loved the gun and smiley face I’m not re-setting UVHM for the 6th time lol!

What Bee and Bekah do you use dude?

Take the Lyuda- the firing pattern on the Pitchfork is such that it works best on large targets like constructors, ultimate badass loaders, Saturn, etc. Under nearly every circumstance the Lyuda will be the better choice…

Sorry man I thought you were on ps3

Honestly, I use the only Bekah I’ve ever pulled-- OP8 Horse Bekah with Jakobs grip, Torgue stock, and Bandit sight. The grip and prefix are perfect, stock is OK, the sight is meeehhhhhh. All in all, I’m very happy with it.

If I were to list perfect items, it would probably include:

Horse Bekah
Hard Unkempt Harold (my DPUH lives in the bank)
Pimpernels in all 4 elements
Sandhawks in shock, fire, corrosive
Neutralizing Hornet
Grog Nozzle
Bee shields in all resistance types (my Bee lacks resist)
Antagonist with low delay, high DR
94% Sham
Norfleet in fire and corrosive
Legendary Soldier
Legendary Engineer
Bone in all 3 elements

My fault, I should have put PS4 in the OP!

If your on PS4 I have an OP8 grounded the bee to trade if that would be any good?

My $0.02 …

  1. The Shredifier isn’t very good overall.
  2. The Infinity is a bad weapon.
  3. A shock Interfacer, but no Twister? Why?
  4. The Bee shield is a bad shield.

Other than that, you could have a whole lot more weapons that benefit from Axton’s grenade damage output…

Axton is arguably the best shield user he is very good at keeping it up.
Also the twister is a pita to farm.
Infinity is decent on trash mobs even more so with the bee