Help and some advice on my "perfect" OP8 loadout please!

I think I’m so close to completing what I consider to be the peferct
set of gear for my Axton that I can almost smell it. I’m posting my set
up in the hope of getting some advice on it and also…I’m on the
scrounge for 3 guns to complete it please. lol

My skill points set up is an exact copy of nemesis_9201 who solo’d
OP8 digi using just the Bekah (kudos to you fella!) and my BAR stats
range from 38% gun damge down to 8% mellee, who needs mellee anyway lol!
If someone can help me with a fire corporate or rightsizing Bitch,
corrosive Shredifier and Boss Bekah with Dahl stock that would be awsome
(mine has Jakobs stock, sigh), but apart from the guns all help and
advice is wellcome!

Obviously all guns / gear are situational but I run with…

ARs - Bekah, Ogre, Kerbalster and fire Shredifier.
Pistols - Grog Nozzle, DPUH, Ladyfist and 2 infinities - good for minions.
Shotties - shock Interfacer, fire CC & Swordsplosion!
SMGs - shock Bitch, shock, corrode & fire Sand Hawks & a Slagga.
Snipes - shock, fire & corrode Lyuda.
RLs - shock Norfleet and explosive Bdaboom.

Shields - shock, fire, alkaline Bees, Antagonist and Blockade.
Grenades - Storm Front, homing Meteor Shower, Fire Bee, MMx4, CL & Caustic Leach.
Relics - all elements Bone of Ancients, Sheriffs Badge & Jakobs AR.
CM - Legendary Soldier.

What’s your opinion? Do you think the I’m missing anything, or am I on the right track?