HELP: Broke a quest in the General Knoxx DLC

Okay, I was doing the main quest for the DLC, just gonna repeat what happened in steps, I’m freaking out.

Okay so basically I’m at the last part I think, I’m going to kill General Knoxx.
I kill him.
I run to the right where the big opening is.
I run down the hallway with lockers and ammo crates behind red force fields.
I go to the shaft thingie and it says expose munitions
I hit the lever to expose the munitions, then Athena told me that when I place the detonator, the timer would start.
I wanted to farm the chests for pearls.
I thought that by hitting E on the spot where the detonator was supposed to go I would start the timer, so…
I threw grenades down and killed myself to get out because for some reason I thought I messed up the farming and I couldn’t do it anymore (Which I think I did)
I came back to the shaft thing where you have to expose the munitions by flipping the lever and place the detonator aaaannndd
The door was closed.
I can’t get in.
I’ve tried everything I know how to try.
Please help.
And if you have the game and the DLC and are on this quest I would appreciate if you could help me finish it to fix mine.

What happened is when you exposed the munitions the door sealed the area. People who want to farm the Farmory don’t ever go near the elevator shaft and use a hole in the geometry to slip in. If you want, I could host the mission with you so you can clear it out and move on to the higher quality missions that you get later. Feel free to PM me and maybe we can work it out.

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Thanks Bill.