Help building Zane for TVHM M3 playthrough

I managed to complete the campaign, unlock TVHM and activate Mayhem 3 with Zane using a “boss build” that focuses on activating all of his kill skills at once then basically Lyuda-ing them in the face. The last boss battle I had–Katagawa (Zero)–was a real challenge given his maneuverability and his clones.

I’ve gotten to Eden-6, and the inmates at The Anvil are proving really difficult. I’m looking for a recommended build that helps with things like crowd control but also won’t require me to re-spec for every boss battle.

I am NOT asking for people to completely repost existing builds. If there is one already here on the forums or maybe one externally could you please just link to it? I know there are a lot out there with a fair amount of variation.

Thanks for any suggestions you might offer.

Could you list some of the high tier weapons that you’re having?

Sure. I’ve got four or five Lucian’s Call, several Flakkers, a couple Lyudas, a couple of Night Hawkins, a couple Rowan’s Call, a couple Ducs, a couple of Speedloadin Hellwalkers, two Laser-Sploders, two Cutsmans,one Queens Call, one Unforgiven… Those are the biggies. And I have a variety of mods and artifacts.

What about Crossroads or Scourges? Anyway
The Barrier, Hitman combination

Could do it maybe, credits to the creator

depends on what equipment you have high dps or high dmg per shot guns.

Yes, I do have a Crossroads. Thanks for the suggestion.

I had been running this build previously but when I switched to my “boss killer” Zane build forgot about it. I really do wish we could save specific loadouts and switch to them easily instead of having to respec every time…

Also just play around with weapons on different bosses. Katagawa gets destroyed by an electric Cutsman. Lyuda/Scourge/Cutsman for Gravewarden, Traunt, Tyreen etc. Also depends if you want to do crit swap mechanics with the Unforgiven to make some kills faster.

Yeah, sorry. I suck at video games, apparently. Constant death on TVHM M3. One shotted nonstop. I will just have to find something else.

Are you checking your mayhem map modifiers?

Zane is much weaker than other vault hunters while running maps with bad mayhem modifiers unless you have an almost perfect gear-build setup.

If you’re having a hard time make sure to reset your modifiers by going to the main menu until you get at least neutral modifiers. As long as you have neutral modifiers and Barrier you should be fine even without good gear and not die all the time.

If you’re not 50 no reason to jump into mayhem 3 right away until you have some gear too

I’m 50. Have all the recommended gear.

I guess I will pay more attention to the Mayhem modifiers.

I don’t mean this as a criticism of the build. I appreciate the time @PrimeOP put in to it, and it’s fun to play. My problem is with the game. I have two other classes at Level 50 who can fairly easily navigate TVHM at Mayhem 3 with very few problems. So why is Zane SO damned fragile?? Shouldn’t that be balanced?

You have to invest a lot more time/gear into Zane than any other Vault Hunter. Reason beeing is the fact that Zane gets punished a lot more from bad modifiers than others.

At the current state of the game a lot of his talents are either not working as intended or are too weak when it comes to mayhem modifiers.
If you’re playing without or with neutral modifiers Zane feels great. But as soon as you get bad modifiers your damage becomes much worse than other classes.

His Drone/Clone are more focused on utility than dealing damage, his Under Cover tree is focused around defence and Cryo damage. As soon as you get - damage modifiers or even worse - cryo damage modifiers your damage becomes a joke unless you have the perfect setup.

Other vault hunters have a much better damage output with bad modifiers because A: More balanced passive tree and B: More viable weapons.

Zane is playable and a lot fun even with bad modifiers but you need a very good build and gear setup while other classes can do the same thing with much less investment. But i’m sure once they fix his current issues and buff some of his talents he is going to do great in all difficulties.