HELP: Can Tap be played only on one device?

Hello guys.
I’d have a question: I have installed BB Tap for the skin in BB, but actually I found Tap quite amusing so I continued playing it.

  • I have created my Tap account and “linked” it theoretically with my Shift account. I am saying THEORETICALLY, cause I installed the game on my HTC X One (my Home-Smartphone)… However when I wanted to install it on my Samsung Galaxy 7 when I launched the game I was once again at the beginning of the story. I even tried to log in to my Shift account hoping that I would be able to continue it again where I was on my HTC X One.
  • Yet no matter what I tried it kept putting me back to the beginning of the story on my Samsung Galaxy S7. Strange is that on my HTC X One I can still continue to play where I was…
  • So how do I “import” my “current game-progress” from one device to the other (HTC X —>Samsung S7) ? Cause logging in to Shift simply doesn’t seem to solve the problem for me… :S
  • Or can Tap be played one a single device and your “saved progress” can’t be imported over to an other device? That would be mighty stupid…

As far as I know, all progress is saved locally, so yes, you can only play on one device in the sense that you cannot play on one device and continue seamlessly on another. And yes, it does suck because I play on a tablet at home and on my phone when not.

Wow, sorry for saying this but if that’s the case that is really “lousy programming” in 2016 … I mean nowadays most handy/Smartphone games can be played on multiple devices… :S

So what happens if I uninstall the game and later install it again on the same device. Will the save-game be lost as well when I uninstall it?

yes i tried it twice and progress resetted.

This does seem to be the case and I agree that it stinks. I wish you could play across multiple devices.