Help cant farm bosses

Sorry if it doesn’t go here I can’t seem to farm bosses after the 2nd update they just don’t respon at all I have exit and gone back but still nothing. Just hope someone has an answer for this. Only happens on new characters

I usually quit the game to get them to respawn. It will kick you back to the nearest save point.

Do that they dont turn up

Today I’ve been farming Gigamind and noticed he takes up to a minute to spawn sometimes. Just hang in the arena some time and see what happens.

On new characters you have to progress the story beyond the boss before you can go back and farm him. For example, I just started a brand new character yesterday. I beat Gigamind at Level 10 and wanted to go back and farm him for some experience before I went any farther in the game. I had to continue through the story and land on Athenas before it would let me go back and farm Gigamind. You only have to do this on new characters.

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Is it just for pandora? For shiv and mouthpiece. Cant say for anything else

Shiv doesn’t drop anything. For Mouthpiece you need finish side mission once available at certain point in story.

Is that the one you can pick up immediately after Mouthpiece if you continue through the map rather than doubling-back to the entrance? With the head in the jar

Nope, it’s Pandora’s Next Mouthpiece given by Ellie.

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When does the side mission turn up. And when it first came out. I could farm both straight after doing both bosses I wonder why gearbox changed it

This mission is available once you finish story mission Cold as the Grave on Eden-6.
I think you can still farm Mouthpiece before that point, but not sure. He’s low level enemy, so he should be farm in early game. Once you leave Pandora there is no point in coming back to him. And once you complete the Story, you need to finish this side mission to trigger this boss again (and the red chest) if you want farm him in Mayhem.

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Thanks for the help guys. On a unrelenting case. Anyone got the first dlc yet or know when it comes out today